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Share Belt & Road Initiative: Pakistan as Major Player
2017-5-17 14:05
Belt & Road Initiative: Pakistan as Major Player
Belt Road initiative is trending recently globally with Chinese focus to connect Asia, Europe and Africa for economic cooperation and development. President Xi's initiative got huge encouragement and many countries are now part of this initiative. Similarly Pakistan has shown a greater interest in this project and started China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as major part of Belt and Road. Gawadar port is one of major development in CPEC which later will be used for international trade t ...
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Share MWC 2017 and Leading Chinese Companies
2017-2-28 13:04
MWC 2017 and Leading Chinese Companies
Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 is under way in Barcelona, Spain and companies are making huge announcements related to their products. One of largest interest in MWC 17 is smartphone announcement and Apps display. Companies like Huawei, Nokia, LG, Blackberry, Smasung etc. are launching their new smartphones. Some of them are quite surprising such as return of Nokia 3310 and Blackberry are large interest of people in this event. What is MWC? MWC is world's largest trade show ...
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Share Bicycle 2.0, Traditional & Digital culture of China
2017-1-9 16:45
Bicycle 2.0, Traditional & Digital culture of China
In last few years tech startups in China growing faster and playing major role in building Digital China. Chinese tech companies are growing and they are following their traditions while bringing innovations to their products. With a similar concept, bike-sharing is increasing too fast in large metropolitan of China. Owing to Chinese bicycle culture, sharing bicycle startups got huge attraction. Have you ever tried it? Leave your experience in the comment section: I am in B ...
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Share Live Streaming Apps, Present and Future
2016-12-26 17:26
Live Streaming Apps, Present and Future
By the end of 2016 Live streaming now have access to every individual with 3G and 4G. Owing to its integration with popular social apps and goodInternetquality, Live streaming trend got success and hype in this year. Live streaming influenced people around the world whereas in China it gotoverwhelmingresponse. Internetgiantsin China started their dedicated platforms and raised a large sum of investment. Foreseeing the future and following the ...
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Share O Summer Mercy
2014-5-30 20:54
From last two days its scorching heat and too hard to walk under sun while i see Chinese people specially girls using umbrella. I thought this summer will be my best in relief as in my home town its usually too hot in summer. But my bad luck, i heard that its the top ranked hot summer since 50's. Being Muslim i have to fast and this time fasting is in summer so i am thinking to change my plan of staying in Beijing. But still have to wait and see if the temperature remains same or change. ...
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Share Apps in my Smartphone
2014-5-30 20:45
Apps in my Smartphone
Today i am sharing some of apps installed in my smartphone and i am sure i will get lots of good suggestions from my readers. Interestingly some of apps installed in my smartphone are completely unknown to me and i never used them and the reason is very obvious that they were factory installed. I will mention some of apps that i use often and are good enough to stay in my phone. Pickatale This is the best app i have in my Android phone and i also have this app on my Ipad . I love ...
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Share Why We Write for China Daily Blog - Bloggers Opinion
2014-5-25 13:26
Writing for China Daily Blog is an amazing experience, while sharing and reading people’s experiences. I was new in China when I started and I found the blog post as guiding, informative and full of interesting facts about China and Chinese people. I decided to write for China Daily blog after knowing about the contest and started sharing my personal experience in China as a student. I believe, I will keep writing for China Daily not only while in China but also after returning home. ...
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Share Short Visit Plan to see top 10 Places in Beijing
2014-4-26 22:48
Beijing is among most visited places in the world, people from around the world visit to see the convergence of China from old to new. A short trip of few days would not be enough to explorer Beijing but at least enough to see the most visited or most favourite places of all time. Here I am going to draw a plan for visiting Beijing for few days trip based on important places priority. One Day Trip: In one day trip only one or two places can be visited. Tienanmen Square ...
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Share Case Study of China Daily presented at 2014 International Conference
2014-4-26 20:46
The 2014 International Conference Forum held in Communication University of China (CUC) on Saturday, 26 April. Focus topic was Communication Research and Education in a Globalization Academic Community. Scholars presented their papers from various majors of communication research. One of scholar "Wu Minsu", faculty member of Journalism and Communication in CUC presented a case study of China Daily. She talked about the use of new media strategies used by China Daily. Below is the abst ...
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Share Malala portrait up for US auction next month
2014-4-21 23:24
Malala portrait up for US auction next month
Malala Yousafzai portrait by Jonathan Yeo will be released for auction next month in United States. Malala is Pakistani teenager victim of terrorist attack by Taliban for raising voice for education for girls. She was shot and got head injury but survived and became role model for the world while she was also nominated for the Nobel Piece Prize. Jonathan Yeo made oil painting of Malala Yusafzai as she is doing her homework. This painting is donated by Jonathan Yeo to benefit Ma ...
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