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Share Why We Write for China Daily Blog - Bloggers Opinion
2014-5-25 13:26
Writing for China Daily Blog is an amazing experience, while sharing and reading people’s experiences. I was new in China when I started and I found the blog post as guiding, informative and full of interesting facts about China and Chinese people. I decided to write for China Daily blog after knowing about the contest and started sharing my personal experience in China as a student. I believe, I will keep writing for China Daily not only while in China but also after returning home. ...
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Share Short Visit Plan to see top 10 Places in Beijing
2014-4-26 22:48
Beijing is among most visited places in the world, people from around the world visit to see the convergence of China from old to new. A short trip of few days would not be enough to explorer Beijing but at least enough to see the most visited or most favourite places of all time. Here I am going to draw a plan for visiting Beijing for few days trip based on important places priority. One Day Trip: In one day trip only one or two places can be visited. Tienanmen Square ...
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Share Malala portrait up for US auction next month
2014-4-21 23:24
Malala portrait up for US auction next month
Malala Yousafzai portrait by Jonathan Yeo will be released for auction next month in United States. Malala is Pakistani teenager victim of terrorist attack by Taliban for raising voice for education for girls. She was shot and got head injury but survived and became role model for the world while she was also nominated for the Nobel Piece Prize. Jonathan Yeo made oil painting of Malala Yusafzai as she is doing her homework. This painting is donated by Jonathan Yeo to benefit Ma ...
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Share Top 10 Complaints of Chinese Girlfriend from Foreigner Boyfriends
2014-4-13 23:33
Having Chinese girlfriend as foreigner you can face some complaints in daily life. This is mostly due to difference of culture, traditions and norms followed around China. Another reason is lack of understanding as what is acceptable or wanted behaviour for a foreigner guy. List of Top Ten complaints Chinese Girlfriends often has are following. You don’t carry my handbag Most of the foreigner boyfriends ...
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Share Qingming Festival of China
2014-4-4 00:37
Qingming Festival is a very traditional Chinese festival and remarkable because of its meaning and activities. This festival is about remembering and honouring ancestors in grave yards. People visit tombs, graves with family to clean the grave site and pay time in remembrance. “Share more information about Qingming in comment section” I came to know about this holiday this morning when I received a message with announcement of holiday for Monday, so this year Qingming ...
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Share China is amazing - Definition of Time
2014-4-3 23:03
Concepts are amazing in China just like any other thing, here I will talk about the Chinese attitude towards time. Time is not about the punctuality but it’s about the time span passed in years. Chinese attitude towards time surprises most of foreigners. Monuments are sculptures can be found everywhere in the world, and China is one of rich country with monuments. But there is a big difference in the monuments around the world and here in China. It is believed everywhere in the worl ...
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Share China growing old every passing day
2014-4-3 22:21
According to expert’s prediction, a third of Chinese will be retired in about 20 years. There will be a large proportion of elderly population and to face this challenge China is reshaping the rules. In 20 years it will be a different world and will more likely following different rules. Danger of ageing population is everywhere but more obvious in China, this caused reduced work force in development sector. General attitude of society and social security is weak and ageing china w ...
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