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Share O Summer Mercy
nosherwanabbasi 2014-5-30 20:54
From last two days its scorching heat and too hard to walk under sun while i see Chinese people specially girls using umbrella. I thought this summer will be my best in relief as in my home town its usually too hot in summer. But my bad luck, i heard that its the top ranked hot summer since 50's. Being Muslim i have to fast and this time fasting is in summer so i am thinking to change my plan of staying in Beijing. But still have to wait and see if the temperature remains same or change. ...
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Share 10 Ways to reduce impact of SMOG on your body
nosherwanabbasi 2014-3-31 20:49
China is among the most polluted countries on the globe, and SMOG is becoming part of landscapes of country. Almost all major cities are chocking on smog including Beijing the capital, causing serious health issues for residents and spoiling the landscape for tourists. Couple of days ago, SMOG raised to alarming situation and more toxic in cities including Beijing, Shanxi, Heibei, Shandong Liaoning and Henan. PM2.5 level rose to a seriously alarming level for human health in these cities. ...
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