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Cellphone Addicts lane only please

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The city of Chongqing unveiled a lane specially designated for people who want to walk and use their cellphone's. “Cellphone's, walk in this lane at your own risk” is printed on the lane in white lettering. The adjoining lane reads “No cellphones.”

Please where will it all end? Has the mobile phone taken over our lives to this extent? 

Recently National Geographic television show painted about a block on Washington's 18th Street with similar warnings as part of a behaviour experiment. Apparently a National Geographic Channel spokesman acknowledged the channel was behind the temporary signage and said pedestrians' reactions were being filmed for "Mind Over Masses," a new TV series. But the spokesman declined to discuss details of the experiment during the filming.

I'm not sure what the city of Chongqing expects to achieve from this, maybe they are serious about addressing the problem of mobile phone users being a risk to other pedestrians by colliding with them by not watching where they are going. Or maybe it's just a publicity stunt designed to get some tourist advertising. Whatever, it leaves me a bit bewildered. 

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Reply Report 财神 2014-9-17 19:39
it's another propaganda for crazy society. mobile users can not stand for a while to conduct conversation or required activity? making separate road and printing on it, that's a satire to mobile users.
Reply Report laoren1234 2014-9-18 09:03
What a ridiculous idea. It's infantile even as a publicist gimmick.
Reply Report voice_cd 2014-9-18 09:45
Thanks for sharing here, we have highlighted it.
Reply Report teamkrejados 2014-9-18 12:23
The cellphone lane is closest to the street. Maybe they hope cellphone users will wander into the street and become pavement?  
And what makes anyone think a line on the pavement is going to deter anyone from straying into the other lane? It is like the bike lanes in Wuhan that people walk on or drive in. Cyclists have no choice but to take to the streets.
Reply Report hicancer 2014-9-18 13:28
The cellphone lane is closest to the street. Maybe they hope cellphone users will wander into the street and become pavement?
Reply Report bobo1990 2014-9-18 16:22
it is so crazy and weired , the special lane just for special people, like blind way. why get such a lane for people playing their phones while walking ? waste social resource .i think
Reply Report 财神 2014-9-18 20:43
teamkrejados: The cellphone lane is closest to the street. Maybe they hope cellphone users will wander into the street and become pavement?   
And what makes  ...

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    Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted your blog.

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