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  • how can I get along well with a foreigner friends ? 2014-3-25 17:51

    abusyed: Dear Olivia, Do you think its only happened to your Teacher, Even it will happened to our Chinese Colleague also, What ever this kind of things we can ...
    hey ,thx about the tips ;  this remember about the reporters ...hh  i've just like them ;need to wait ;Time is the best medicine

  • how can I get along well with a foreigner friends ? 2014-3-25 17:49

    Bang: If I am in a situation where I cannot talk on the phone most times I will not answer, and if I do and explain I am occupied and cannot talk now, this  ...
    you are right about the table etiquette,we pay attention about it ,but not so much ;this really helps ,i think it's good habits ,we all should learn from this point ; when something happened ,you have to wait and clam down untill really know what exactlly happened ;  thx again ,i've learned lot from this;

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