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Share The Abilities of learning
olivia-88116 2014-12-11 15:12
so glad to come back again ...cause i always forgot the password and the the user's name awkward!!! talk something about my latest days , haha ...busy with preparing the dance competition calligraphy , seems there's no any connections between them at the first time ,but after several month 's practicing ,gradually find out that , they were the same point in a particular aspect , both matters aesthetic ,both matters the abilities of study . since ...
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Share how can I get along well with a foreigner friends ?
olivia-88116 2014-3-20 18:40
last week ,there was something happened to our school's foreigner teacher S,actually i didn't know what exactlly happened to her till now ? It's just i've got a call from our boss (ps:she nearly cann't communicate with s in English ),said that S have been robbed ,and also got hurt ,so our class have to be cancealed ; since last Thursday , i really wants to call her and to see if she is alright ? but i really have no idea where i should start with ...
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Share Dancing class
olivia-88116 2014-3-18 19:23
yesterday night,i went to my dacing class,it was so funny... it's my first time to learn rumba,sowe begin with the basic dancing steps for one month,then last night we 've taught to use hands , at the very beginning ,it was very simple and all the dancers there did a good job according to our teacher ;then it cames to the time ,we need to cooperate our hands with steps ,then the difficulties came, i have to staring at our teacher ,in order to keep the same movements ,it see ...
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Share sense of safety for girls
olivia-88116 2014-3-13 19:17
rencently i've read an essay about sense of safety for girls,it's said that "girls in china ,working hardly these days, because they are single ,or because their boyfriend is not loyality anymore ' it remember me what happened to one of my close friends After she graduated from school ,she stady in XI'an till now ,she 's got a job and a BF,her life here seems smoothly ,and she never talked about changing into new citys or moving into new cities , ...
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Share something about my rencent life
olivia-88116 2014-3-12 00:52
I really wanna say sth abt rencent life,but when i 've decided it, i just totally don't know where i should start with... All the story is started from the spring festival, the conversation i had with my papa;we 've talked a lot about my present job--a primary teacher in a famous private school ; Before he talked with me ,i 've already realized to be a teacher is not really what i want in the future ,but i totally got no ideas abt what else i can do ; what else is my favourite care ...
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Share mass--mornig
olivia-88116 2014-3-11 22:48
get up earily and find out that ,it's still power cut; no power ,no water ...the worst one is the lift is also stoped because of it; after changing clothes ,brushing my teeth,i started my long journey from 24th floor to the 1st floor; seems not that scary ,not that dark ;till now ,it's not that worse.
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