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The Abilities of learning

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so glad to come back again ...cause  i always forgot the password and the the user's name awkward!!!

 talk something about my latest days , haha  ...busy with preparing the dance competition & calligraphy , seems

there's no any connections between them at the first time ,but after several  month 's practicing ,gradually find out that , they were the same point in a particular aspect , both matters aesthetic ,both matters the abilities of study .


since i 've teaching for 4 years ,it's my first time to notice the importance of this ---the abilities of learning ,every time i try to improve my students' ability  such as : conclusion , preview , thinking , recording,  linguisetic intelligence ,confidence ,setback abilities ...but never pay attentions in the abilities of learning , my deepest impression about this is from my own learning experence ;


these days i"m learning   calligraphy--Li script,  actually i can't grasp the key points , this kind of writing  have a kind of beauty of garceful , in the opposite way ,mine is always a rigid one , i thought maybe  it's  because of my personality ,whenever i solve a problem ,  i keep myself calm and thought about the  solution ,and immediately get it down ,and mylife style is also in an quicker lever , thus it's a little bit difficult to get it slow down ; after paracticing ,it's getteing better ,but after a week , another  problem will come to me  ,the second time i've enter into the situation again ,at night ,i  think about deeply ,it's all because the study abilities ...if you can always  grasp the key point ,it will be easier for you to improve !


Dancing competition is on 20th December, even i'm only a one year learner ,but i still wanna to attend it ,cause i know it clearly that ,it's a good chance to improve my skills ; i've been  practicing the whole week , somtimes it's so frustrated ,it's difficult to coordinate my hands and feetsteps ,once the feetsteps are in the correct lines ,i forgot to move my hands ,it's nearly kill me , after all of this ,i know all the problems ,it's because whenever i start to learn something ,i just start it and never thought about it , what kind of results i want , an expert or  an  amateur? how  good i wanna to be ?  i never thought about it ,what should i do in the following days is :improve my abilities in learning ,pay more attention in each key  points ,  solve each days problems and never keep them till tomorrow ,otherwise  even in  the same classroom ,you will still have huge difference with others !


Now i know that , to all the  saying , you have to get throught of it then you can grow  to be a better one!


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