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Chinglish - A Popular Alternative to English

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So, for those of you who don't know the meaning, Chinglish is the combination of spoken Chinese and English. Okay, okay,  I know what you are going to say. Chinglish is not an acceptable alternative to proper spoken or written Chinese or English. However, I find that it is, in fact, a great learning tool, and can encourage students who may feel too shy about practicing speaking English out loud in a more uninhibited way.  

A few things I forbid my students to say is "My English is poor," and "I am too shy." I tell them to leave their shyness at the door in my Oral English class. Li Yang, the guy who promoted and taught "Crazy English," once said "You must enjoy losing face."  I couldn't agree more. Since I am studying Chinese, I also make lots of mistakes, but I can't let embarrassment get in the way of learning. Yeah, people might laugh at me when I ask in Chinese for fish smelling shoes (xié zǐ)  instead of eggplant (qié zi) in Chinese, but it doesn't matter. Now I know why waiters and waitresses looked at me funny when I ordered this dish. [imgid=0]So, I have to be willing to put my money where my mouth is, and if I want my students to not feel shy or embarrassed, I also have to do the same thing, and be willing to lose face too. 

Also, regarding the use of Chinglish, it is just a mixture of Chinese and English, and although you can't use it to pass exams, it is useful for opening up and not feeling too shy. It is a confidence builder. So, I support the use of Chinglish![imgid=0]

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Reply Report AdanC 2014-4-18 19:16
Chinglish is popular now
Reply Report AdanC 2014-4-18 19:16
we use many chinglish words now
Reply Report Swifty55 2017-8-10 13:30
Well said.Good job.

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  • Saying Goodbye to China 2017-8-20 20:43

    Sad that you are returning to the USA. I moved here fulltime in 2012 after spending 3 months of ever year from 2001. China is my chosen home for the rest of my life since I retired in 2012. Safe,beautiful people, friendly,helpful,kind,polite and I love China. Of course I love my Chinese wife,her friends,family and my students make my life beautiful here. Thanks for all you did while in China.I know your students love you and will miss you.

  • Chinglish - A Popular Alternative to English 2017-8-10 13:30

    Well said.Good job.

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