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Chinglish - A Popular Alternative to English

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So, for those of you who don't know the meaning, Chinglish is the combination of spoken Chinese and English. Okay, okay,  I know what you are going to say. Chinglish is not an acceptable alternative to proper spoken or written Chinese or English. However, I find that it is, in fact, a great learning tool, and can encourage students who may feel too shy about practicing speaking English out loud in a more uninhibited way.  

A few things I forbid my students to say is "My English is poor," and "I am too shy." I tell them to leave their shyness at the door in my Oral English class. Li Yang, the guy who promoted and taught "Crazy English," once said "You must enjoy losing face."  I couldn't agree more. Since I am studying Chinese, I also make lots of mistakes, but I can't let embarrassment get in the way of learning. Yeah, people might laugh at me when I ask in Chinese for fish smelling shoes (xié zǐ)  instead of eggplant (qié zi) in Chinese, but it doesn't matter. Now I know why waiters and waitresses looked at me funny when I ordered this dish. [imgid=0]So, I have to be willing to put my money where my mouth is, and if I want my students to not feel shy or embarrassed, I also have to do the same thing, and be willing to lose face too. 

Also, regarding the use of Chinglish, it is just a mixture of Chinese and English, and although you can't use it to pass exams, it is useful for opening up and not feeling too shy. It is a confidence builder. So, I support the use of Chinglish![imgid=0]

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Reply Report Susan613 2014-3-12 04:11
Those two language are interesting.
Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-3-12 04:15
Tell us some examples of your favorite Chinglish  
Reply Report ALICE1234 2014-3-12 04:38
may be they are not laughing at u, just they think your chinese is so funny.
Reply Report MissBarbara 2014-3-12 04:44
Susan613: Those two language are interesting.
Xie Xie my dear...
Reply Report MissBarbara 2014-3-12 04:47
ColinSpeakman: Tell us some examples of your favorite Chinglish   
uh, Open yellow gun, it means you think you are the expert but in fact what you said is totally wrong in that area. In Chinese or rather pinyiin, it is kai huang qiang!
Reply Report MissBarbara 2014-3-12 04:48
ALICE1234: may be they are not laughing at u, just they think your chinese is so funny.
Even if they are laughing at me, it is okay, because actually we are laughing together, and it is shared laughter, and we all love each other too, so it is okay.
Reply Report Susan613 2014-3-12 05:00
Good good study, day day up.means study every day, and you will be better.Chinese Pinyin is hao hao xue xi, tian tian xiang shang.
Reply Report AdanC 2014-3-12 05:02
Let me see see
Let me look look

above two are the most popular examples of Chinglish
Reply Report ALICE1234 2014-3-12 05:03
Reply Report ALICE1234 2014-3-12 05:03
absolutely right
Reply Report AdanC 2014-3-12 05:05
And because of the order of words, this is also an example: Let me think over it....haha~~~of course, haha is also a Chinglish
Reply Report Catherine3.14 2014-3-12 05:49
Chinglish is for amusement and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.
Reply Report swufeman 2014-3-12 06:43
Chinglish andnon-verbal forms of communication are essential at times  if you find yourself in a more rural environment and need to communicate something to people who are not well versed in ether English or Mandarin.  At least that has been my experience.
Reply Report Desperado_ 2014-3-12 06:58
Thanks for your understanding,lovely granny ! Every time when I try to express my feelings or points,I find that I just can't speak them out confidently,and this situation troubles me a lot .Now I am trying my best to communicate with you without shyness and looking foward that one day I can also talk to others in English fluently.THANKS FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT VERY MUCH !!!! WARM-HEARTED BEAUTY , WISH U A GOOD NIGHT !!!   XO
Reply Report phylliss 2014-3-12 07:48
yes,enjoying losing my face and  I will do better
Reply Report tedbrent 2014-3-12 08:00
kai huang qiang?  uh, Open yellow gun?

  I think you are utterly wrong about the true meaning of  kai huang qiang. The Chinese use this expression kai huang qiang to refer to a scene in which someone is uttering some remarks that are near the knuckle, say, bawdy jokes.

  If  you want to talk about a situation in which someone is talking like a braggart when he offers his opinions which are simply all wet or beguiling,  then the fitting Chinese expressions would be 故弄玄虚, 班门弄斧,自卖自夸 and so forth.
Reply Report remitrom 2014-3-12 09:14
I LOVE CHINGLISH !!  however my chinese is so poor I know it more in the written form.  So many people wear shirts with english/chinglish  and they dont have a clue to the meaning. Just it is stylish to have english on your clothing.  Sometimes menus , instructions , and even signs are full of chinglish.  Spa I have seen spelled as Sap  and one sign had the U sideways in Club..  words get the order backwards and this gives me clues how they put sentences together.
Reply Report KIyer 2014-3-12 15:49
Reply Report MissBarbara 2014-3-12 17:14
Catherine3.14: Chinglish is for amusement and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.
For people who are beginning English speakers, though, it is great for communicating with foreigners and getting your feet wet, so to speak. Thanks Catherine.
Reply Report MissBarbara 2014-3-12 17:14
swufeman: Chinglish andnon-verbal forms of communication are essential at times  if you find yourself in a more rural environment and need to communicate someth ...
Thanks SWUFEman.

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