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My year 2015, a year of changes

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My year has been very surprising and full of new experiences, new friends and outlooks.

In January I went to Philippines to renew my visa. I had just finished one project and really needed a new job. I really did not have an idea about my current job branch when snorkeling in the clear waters of Philippines. A serious work opportunity aroused sooner than I expected from a direction that really surprised me. My friend recommended me to a company that very soon indicated they were interested in hiring me. I decided to take the job to have the opportunity to work in a Chinese work environment.

Things were proceeding slowly but steady to arrange my work visa, I was preparing to make a trip to Hong Kong to change the visa status when I got sad news from Finland: my father had passed away. I needed to leave to Finland.

The visa procedure was very slow and made me stay in Finland for one and a half month. It was nice to see a glimpse of the Finnish spring and participate in the baptizing of my cousin’s son. Because of the delay I got a chance to spend a week with my goddaughter.

Finally, in the end of April everything was ready and I was to fly back to China for the new job in the insurance company. It was hard to leave since this time I wasn’t sure when I could return back, but at the same time I was excited and anxious to meet my new colleagues and learn about the new job.  Since I have started working in Beijing, I have learned totally new branch of business from the scratch. My colleagues are all Chinese, so my Chinese has also improved. More than that, I have learned a whole new vocabulary of the branch.

Time has really passed incredible speed, in a moment I have already worked for eight months, a whole summer, an autumn and a part of the winter. From day to day I have adjusted myself tolerating to travel with the crowds in the metro in the mornings. I’ve got used to buy my breakfast in the street corner on my way to the office. I have sung at least every two weeks Happy Birthday to you in Chinese to my colleagues on their birthdays. We have had company dinners and outings on several occasions. I have learned to let loose and have fun with the colleagues outside the office. We have played water war on a lake, we have sang karaoke and danced wild in the discos in Sanlitun, we have had farewell dinners and welcoming dinners for colleagues leaving and new ones arriving.

As a highlight of the year I got a role in a play at the company’s Annual Party. Rehearsing for it was so funny, but also a good chance to know better some of the colleagues. Our show at the party was performed successfully and we received praise words from all of the colleagues. That was really fun!

Work is not all in one’s life, so I have started going to the gym, running, dancing and lifting weights. I think I might never been able to run so long as I can do now.  I have been really healthy, did not get a single cold after coming to China. It must be something with the new healthy lifestyle to do. The year includes also some traveling although a bit less than before. This year I did some day trips from Beijing for example to Fangshan, Shunyi, Cuandixia, Xuanhua and one longer trip to Huludao. I did not forget to party either; I was partying hard whenever there was something to celebrate.


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voice_cd: Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it in our blog homepage.
Thanks for highlighting, would be nice to write more often.

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  • My year 2015, a year of changes 2016-1-3 13:01

    youxiudeyou: Yes, we were playing the 八路军, communists fighting against Japanese.
    Very impressive. Yan'an was the headquarter of 8RA. In those days, there were quite a number of American expatriates working there. They were from US Army (military consultants and observers) as well as resident correspondents from US press including Edgar Snow, Anna Louise Strong, Agnes Smedley, etc. During the period between 1937 and 1945, Mao told the whole nation and the world via Reuters that the United States of America was the light tower and the world model from whom we should learn democracy and liberty. When he took the power in 1949, he changed his face and turned to learn things from Stalin. No consistency.

  • My year 2015, a year of changes 2016-1-2 21:30

    voice_cd: Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it in our blog homepage.
    Thanks for highlighting, would be nice to write more often.

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