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youxiudeyou's space [Favorite] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] A student lived four years in Beijing, writing about my life and experiences in China

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Share Bicycling to work, such a nice way to start a day!
2015-5-19 21:39
Already for two days I have been happy to ride my bicycle to work. Happy because it has been windy enough to keep the pollution levels down and also because I have had mainly tailwind or at least not headwind. I am very blessed to live close enough to the work place so the ride is very pleasant, just perfect length, not too long as it takes about 25-30 minutes to arrive. I am fortunate to have relatively simple and safe route (if you can describe any traffic safe in China), since ...
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Share Chinese style newbie training?
2015-4-29 22:22
Tomorrow will be the last day of the initial training for newcomers in the company. In many ways it has come time to say goodbye to pleasant evenings in Shanghai, time to move on to the heat of Beijing. The stress-free training will come to an end and busy and responsible work life will start. To sum up the training, I have to admit that it was surprisingly similar to what I would expect to receive in a Western company. Since I don't have anything to compare with I don't know if ...
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Share Long time, no see
2015-4-22 22:37
Inspired by the blog contest I decided to revive my blog. Well, a lot has happened in my life since I wrote here. Firstly, I graduated from Renmin University with best remarks! Yey! After that I had awesome autumn promoting Finnish companies in Beijing together with some governmental actors. I met many influential people, made new connections and hopefully learned a lot. I was privileged to act as Santa Claus's guide and translator here in Beijing. ...
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Share Why do you need to be a native speaker to teach language?
2014-5-20 18:45
It was just after I arrived to China I was introduced to the notion that ONLY a native speaker is qualified to teach foreign language to a non-native speaker. There have been some discussion on English teaching on this forum about the phenomenon of non-native speakers teaching English in China. Latest, Ariunbold was writing about "fake" English teachers in his blog. With this post I would like to give my support for the non-native speakers teaching English in China. It is very common, that ...
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Share When in China, do as the Chinese do
2014-4-29 16:51
In the beginning of April I had opportunity to make some money by acting as a translator and guide for my fellow countrymen visiting Beijing. As I was escorting this couple, used to the best quality and service available in life, it was really interesting to see Beijing again with the tourist’s eyes, and at the same time realize how sinicized I have become during the years living here in China. A couple of occasions I observed that I had developed some habits that I was not so pr ...
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Share Thoughts on a sidewalk
2014-4-29 15:51
Thoughts on a sidewalk
I was returning home on one Sunday evening when I noticed a new red banner on the wall. I read it slowly word by word and understood the meaning. 一户禁养多只犬 , One household forbidden to raise many dogs . It hit my brain, one-dog-policy. China has quite a tradition for those one-something policies. I was thinking is this compensating the infamous one-child-policy, that was just moderated to allowing two births, to keep on the tradition of controlling people? ...
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Share Funny mistakes
2014-4-19 15:36
I had an incident with taking mistakenly nose drops as eye drops this morning. It really burnt my eyes, but luckily it didn’t do any harm as I thought I was putting moisturizing eye drops to my itching eyes, but managed to drop in liquid for stuffy nose. Yes, it stopped the itching, but I don’t recommend anyone to try the same This made me to recall some other same kind mistakes. It funny how easily we people go to autopilot and just crab some bottle or tube that has a l ...
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Share Misfortune with pineapples
2014-4-8 20:08
I usually buy all my fruits and vegetables from the square market on the opposite side of the street. The vendors know me already and make my shopping very pleasant by giving compliments for my spoken Chinese skills. Sometimes they start a conversation by asking some questions and so on. I have estimated that I use approximately 15-20 rmb every day for fruits. I have never bought anything that was rotten or gone bad before from their booth. However, the day I decided to buy alrea ...
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Share Happy Spring feelings
2014-3-14 19:55
Cheers to everyone, Recent days in Beijing have been so nice; warm, unpolluted and sunny. Seems like the whole city in smiling at us. So, I do the same. I walk outside smiling back . I want to share the feeling with you. Hope you are feeling good too. This kind of weather just makes me to forget all the sorrows and bad moments. I think the good weather, much warmer than my home country, is one of the main reasons for me to love to live here. I just wish it could stay more like it is ...
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Share First post
2014-3-5 18:49
Last time before leaving Beijing to celebrate Christmas with the family and relatives back home, I really felt sad. I was watching out from the airport shuttle bus window. The view was not very pleasant, a bit smoggy, bare trees, a lot of taxis and other cars, actually nothing very special. But I got emotional, and shed some tears as I felt I was leaving my hometown. I have been living in Beijing for about four years. During the years I have studied; first Mandarin in Beijing For ...
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  • My year 2015, a year of changes 2016-1-3 13:01

    youxiudeyou: Yes, we were playing the 八路军, communists fighting against Japanese.
    Very impressive. Yan'an was the headquarter of 8RA. In those days, there were quite a number of American expatriates working there. They were from US Army (military consultants and observers) as well as resident correspondents from US press including Edgar Snow, Anna Louise Strong, Agnes Smedley, etc. During the period between 1937 and 1945, Mao told the whole nation and the world via Reuters that the United States of America was the light tower and the world model from whom we should learn democracy and liberty. When he took the power in 1949, he changed his face and turned to learn things from Stalin. No consistency.

  • My year 2015, a year of changes 2016-1-2 21:30

    voice_cd: Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it in our blog homepage.
    Thanks for highlighting, would be nice to write more often.

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