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Report seaandson 2014-8-8 21:37
how are you,old friend? recently i was busy with my driver's license,but...  so, i should cheer up.
happy weekend
Report teamkrejados 2014-8-8 11:16
How was your trip, my brother?
Report honeysun 2014-8-7 12:20
Report 财神 2014-5-25 06:52
oh! oh...thanks for corrections 'dage'. thats why we are here as family member to hold each other.i am youngest one here.
Report SEARU 2014-5-25 06:27
"The School life, Collage life, job life,"   College life ?
( in your new blog !)
Report 财神 2014-5-25 05:22
ok sir! bewilderedly looking forward to you and wish you for great output. Cheeers!!!!
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-25 04:17
African Day is quite a memorable and interesting occasion in the life of Africans in the whole world.On that note, the Liaoning University African student Association(LUASA) did a grand style celebration on Saturday the 24th of May 2014 to recognize this wonderful event.Look forward for my next post for an update on that.
Report 财神 2014-5-24 10:39
Good morning! i won't win the competition because i am not perfect and still learning. getting familiar warm by you all in this forum is a kind of winning. i am already a winner the way 财神 (Cai shen) means God of Wealth...i want to change it in pinyin but i couldn't. how to change this? Thanks for you concern and wish your happy days ahead.  
Report teamkrejados 2014-5-24 07:39
Good morning! Long time no see! But then, I've been pretty busy. Wish you the best in the competition; you're already far ahead. Could you tell me please: what does your name mean? Wish you a great day.
Report Rosemarysnow 2014-5-20 17:42
Hi,财神,nice to see you . May I add you as a friend ? I am Rosemary , a Chinese girl.
Report 财神 2014-5-20 10:28
Kabisco sir! Agreed with you. we all welcome each other. Cheers!!
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-20 01:46
Hi, is great to be connected with you. You are most welcome.we can be liaising with each other sharing ideas,experience and knowledge.Cheers
Report 财神 2014-5-17 17:11
This is the nature of greatest one. we will enjoy with your sharing and supportive role. good luck ahead.
Report MichaelM 2014-5-17 13:03
I'm withdrawing from the blogger contest. I only mentioned the contest on 3 of the QQ Groups I'm on and some other social networking sites. I didn't even ask for people to vote for me; just to go vote. Nonetheless, I'm getting too many votes and have told Victor, the blog editor, that I want to withdraw. China Daily honored me with Top Blogger of 2013. I'm also a Star Blogger on here. It is enough for me. I already have 2 of the 3 prizes that they're offering. I don't need more.

I want to be fair with the others who are just coming on here. I don't feel good about getting so many votes. I won't enter the contest in the future.

I'm sharing this with only you and a few others that I've connected with and truly respect.

I wish you well. Good luck!

Report 财神 2014-5-2 20:17
We learn from each-other, we gain with sharing, try and try. don't worry! man man lai.
Report honeysun 2014-5-2 08:41
hi, I  want to know your advice about my blog ,such as,grammer and structure's mistakes. I want to progress my English as soon as possible . Thank you
Report tanxihua 2014-5-1 12:35
Happy Labor's Day
Report Gprincessdiary 2014-4-29 20:25
Report 财神 2014-4-27 12:35
hello yao,thanks for sweet smile.
Report yao1995 2014-4-27 12:32
   hi .
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