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Report getfunded 2016-3-5 23:16
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Report 茉莉儿 2016-1-10 21:09
财神: What's the reason that you are afraid??
   Don't be a tough guy. You know it is all just talk. OK?
It seems that you have returned from your home. Is that so?
Report 茉莉儿 2016-1-9 17:15
财神: Yes, how are you?
Not so bad, I'm afriad.
Report yuluoxin93 2016-1-6 09:54
Happy New Year to you though I'm late to say for my work.Now I couldn't use Internet to send messages
Report HenLaoLaoShi 2015-12-31 20:33
Happy New Year to you as well!  Hope it is a great one for you.
Report 茉莉儿 2015-11-2 14:22
Long time no chatting!
Report 财神 2015-10-20 10:50
Is this forum working properly now?
Report teamkrejados 2015-9-17 10:54
How much have you lost in all of this hacking trouble, my brother?
A good way to assure you will never lose entries is to first write them in a word processing application - Word, WPS, or other. And then, copy and paste your writing  your blog page.
Do you do that already? I hope so. You write some very good articles and your pictures are great! I hope everything can be recovered.
Wish you a beautiful day, my dear Brother.
Report possechic 2015-3-31 15:17
tnx for the add guy~!
Report 11diylife 2014-9-11 11:49
Hi,thank you for you visit. I have my summer holiday in home and my home hasn't internet ,so I have a long time no on line. I am conming back school now ,maybe i will start...
Report 财神 2014-9-8 11:12
thanks for beautiful Moon Cake...oh very sweet.
Report luckyann 2014-9-8 10:15

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and enjoy the Sushou Style Mooncakes !
Report 财神 2014-9-1 20:51
@ Blue Sky--Looking Cute and lovely
Report A_Blue_Sky 2014-9-1 20:29
i changed my avatar
Report azadidome 2014-8-29 21:57
You a socialist or fascist.
Report teamkrejados 2014-8-26 11:35
财神: Ok dear sis! mei wen ti!
Thank you for your understanding, my brother. Wish you a beautiful day.
Report teamkrejados 2014-8-24 10:14
RE: vegetarianism... I LOVED being vegetarian! Unfortunately, I could not eat soy because of my thyroid problem (soy negates the effects of thyroid medicine). Nevertheless I had plenty of food choices... but, in the end, they didn't seem to satisfy.
After moving to China I found I had a problem digesting fruits and vegetables. My body could not process them. Things got worse and worse the more I tried eating healthy: huge stomach, dizziness, severe muscle cramps, terrible allergy symptoms, hands and feet going numb. The turning point came when I fell and cut my head open, requiring 12 stitches.
A friend of mine told me he had the same problems, but as long as he avoided vegetables and fruits - eating only a little, he was fine. I decided to try cutting out veggies and fruit, and have been fine since. When I do eat them, my symptoms creep back.   
You might find it strange that people cannot eat fruits and veggies, but after a search on the internet I found that this problem is not uncommon:
What do you think about this, my brother?
Report ☆DHD★ 2014-8-18 18:03
Thank you for giving me permission to add you .
Report lovesary 2014-8-14 22:57
Hello ,  goodnight
Report bex 2014-8-11 19:06
i dont really hang in the bar that often only bcoz of curiosity from the beginning and went there about 2 weeks then had enough of it i took that post off otherwise people would think im a piss head and stop voting for me hahaha :)
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  • Misdeed may lead 2019-5-15 17:24

    Being your honest self, you will attract the people who appreciate you for what you are. Sometimes the issue you talk/write about, and the way you write about will resonate with a lot of people. The numbers will vary. But you need to be clear what is your more important goal - to be wealthy and famous quickly talking and writing or develop a following who appreciate your honesty... Don't feel  too disheartened if your expectations from your work do not work out in material terms, so long as you keep growing your audience.

  • Misdeed may lead 2019-3-28 23:00

    Well said thanks and best wishes for your future

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