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Share Misdeed may lead
财神 2019-3-25 10:54
I've been pondering over my name and fame that why I am not being such a popular personality since 15 years I've been soaring my voice around the surround. I have written a lot of news stories about social and unsocial issues and raised my voice throughout radio media. 15 years is not a few day to be counted. I suppose some people may know me but that might be just for a while. I have seen some journalists who have been joining the battlefield at the same time, they have been notice ...
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Share No world cup clamor in China?
财神 2018-6-26 14:41
No world cup clamor in China?
The world cup football is drawing the entire world's attention. we can see many interesting events and records have been being around the world. i have been here in Beijing since 2012 but this time feeling almost a silent China ..Are Chinese not paying attention towards football or my analysis is wrong? Even not met/interacted any football team supporters too...its disgusting for me
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Share Merry Christmas
财神 2017-12-25 16:17
Merry Christmas
Hi, Dear blog friends, Happy Christmas to you All. Cheers!!
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Share Happy Chinese New year !!
财神 2017-1-27 15:46
Happy Chinese New year !!
Happy Chinese New year to all my blog mates. May the rooster year bring a lot of happiness, progress and prosperity in your life. Cheers!!
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Share Top 11 viewpoints that irritates vegetarian in China
财神 2017-1-18 16:03
Top 11 viewpoints that irritates vegetarian in China
It is common to have vegetables in China but vegetarian knowledge is uncommon in China. I've visited some places of China due to business trips other travels. Wherever I go, I found almost dumb restaurant owners about vegetarian cuisines. I wandered some so-called pure religious restaurants but unfortunately encountered totally ignoramus sellers. There are different views of point about vegetarian in the world but you find totally zero knowledge in China. Not only restaurant masters bu ...
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Share Happy New Year-2017
财神 2016-12-31 15:14
Happy New Year-2017
I would like to extend my Happy New Year greeting to all my CD blog mates. May the New year 2017 will bring a lot of love, happiness, well-being and prosperity in your life. Cheers..!!
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Share Requirements for Chinese tourists
财神 2016-11-23 15:17
Requirements for Chinese tourists
Chinese tourists have some different manners than others. Wherever they visit, mostly need Chinese restaurants, Chinese noodles, hot water to take a bath, shopping malls and Chinese guides. They don’t visit those countries where the basic needs are not fulfilled by the related destination. They don’t visit to explore any diversities of culture and life style. What do they need else for their expected tourism?
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Share Is it good to pay money at first?
财神 2016-11-15 15:27
Is it good to pay money at first?
I was wandering to the vegetable market (早市) with my Chinese friend’s mother at ‘Mentougou’ district last morning. Aunty brought rice and put it into the bag which I was carrying. While she was moving back shopkeeper loudly asked –‘Madam! Money, money.’ She said- I’ve already paid. Thus, you weighed the rice. Shopkeeper – No, you haven’t given. She said – look I’ve only 11 RMB, I didn’t want to break 100RMB so i first handed 10 rmb and you ...
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Share Yoga Vs.Tai ji
财神 2016-9-18 09:30
Yoga Vs.Tai ji
Yoga is emanated in Indian sub-continent and being worldwide now. In 2015 United Nation has declared June 21 st as an ‘International Yoga day’. During my Chinese staying I have practiced yoga with different ways but not satisfied because there was less natural originality but more artificiality. In China, Yoga is oriented only to the physical flexibility however it must be combined with a connectivity of human soul and body. Chinese yoga teacher even can’t pronounce the chanting word ...
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Share Value of 30 RMB
财神 2016-8-25 14:53
Value of 30 RMB
I was heading to Lugulu, Shijingshan district from San li tun, a busiest tourist place in Beijing on Tuesday night around 10 PM. One of my Chinese colleagues helped me to board on taxi. Through the mirror he was watching/studying my gesture while taxi was running, just back to him that I have been seated. While I reached to the destination, I ordered driver to stop the taxi and provide me a taxi fare bill. Taxi driver told me 120 RMB and I gave h ...
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