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Share Why President Xi’s visit becomes valuable?
2016-8-10 16:13
Why President Xi’s visit becomes valuable?
Undoubtedly, Chinese President Xi jinping is world class leader. His international tour creates charming all the time and world ’ s media catches his every movements. What ’ s the reason that he becomes the major attraction around the surroundings? because of his catchy personality? Or restraint speech owing mutuality and cooperation? Or Chinese policies, or his balanced role to create the peaceful world? Why some nations seem happy while he visits there?
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Share Better luck next time youngest Olympian.
2016-8-8 09:06
Better luck next time youngest Olympian.
Nepali swimmer Gaurika Singh secured 1st position at the first heat of 100 meters backstroke at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium on Sunday. The youngest athlete in the Rio Olympics finished her race in 1 minute and 8.45 seconds. However, Singh’s personal best is 1 minute and 7.31 seconds. Although she beat Evelina Afoa of Samoa and Rita Zeqiri of Kosovo to become first in the first heat, she failed to enter the next round. Gaurika became 31st among the thirty-four swimmers from v ...
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Share Are Chinese housemaids 保姆 reliable?
2016-5-27 16:03
Are Chinese housemaids 保姆 reliable?
One of my Chinese friends recruited a housemaid - Bao Mu ( 保姆 ) to take care of her septuagenarian father who lives far from her place. China has a huge old generation who needs helpers in their old age. Their family members are engaged away for their own reason, also all the time family members can’t manage time to care them. She has changed many Bao Mu within a year because she blames they all not worked properly with their kind heart. The latest B ...
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Share Players with golden heart
2015-8-17 10:58
Portugal's Football star Christiano Ronaldo is ranked as the top donor from sports sector. According to an online Real Madrid giant Ronaldo has donated 83 thousand dollar to 10 years old supporter for brain surgery. likewise, he has granted 165 thousand dollar to the cancer center of Portugal. John Cena, an American professional wrestler/rapper and actor remains second as most benevolent player. Likewise, American Serena Will ...
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Share Celebrate the Breastfeeding Day
2015-8-3 18:48
Celebrate the Breastfeeding Day
This is the week of world breastfeeding, a crucial event in our life. If you had a plenty of mother’s breast milk may be you are delighting good health with great immunity power against many diseases. Now the world life is more congested, rough and restless so that less people are paying attention about the minor topic responsible to the millions of Children. At least solely regular breast feeding till 6 months and more 2 years alon ...
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Share Miraculous boy! Get well soon
2015-7-27 14:32
My infinite desires of happiness and willingness are caged in to the hidden body pain'-the statement delivered by a 5 years old kid named Aditya Dahal of Nepal. He is physically paralyzed but mentally a kind of miraculous. so some media has given new name as a Google Boy. He is in USA now for his treatment. Nobody can believe without seeing him face to face who can predict and express like a scholar. He was a normal infant till 33 months of his ...
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Share Body as Canvas
2015-7-19 10:25
Body as Canvas
Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky is depicted on model's naked body. its not an ordinary art creation on human body with nuanced natural auras. An American John Popleton, 44 has demonstrated such an amazing art on body. the natural scenes galaxy, lightening, sky, light colors etc are included. lets check those artistic and outstanding arts completed within 3 hours per painting.
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Share Pop-star Grandma
2015-7-15 14:10
Pop-star Grandma
The face is decorated with wrinkles; body is bowing down; but the heart is evergreen young. There is a pop band in Japan named Girl pop band KBG-84. There are 33 members over 84 years old, one of the oldest members of the band is 92 years old. We may be surprised seeing their active lifestyle and envious towards their mental stamina. Recently, they had a stage show in Tokyo which made people cheerful and excited. ...
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Share Do you agree?
2015-6-28 10:37
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Share Stress management
2015-6-26 18:15
Who is not suffering from our social crowds that are surrounded with numerous pressures and competition? The race for being top or number one is always being challenging to all. We have to think more that mental burden is rising day by day. So, in this case how can we manage our mental stresses? While you are buried of stresses, just analyze the moments of progress till the life, ascending ups, achievements and happiest situation that occurred in life. ...
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