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Share Yoga Vs.Tai ji
2016-9-18 09:30
Yoga Vs.Tai ji
Yoga is emanated in Indian sub-continent and being worldwide now. In 2015 United Nation has declared June 21 st as an ‘International Yoga day’. During my Chinese staying I have practiced yoga with different ways but not satisfied because there was less natural originality but more artificiality. In China, Yoga is oriented only to the physical flexibility however it must be combined with a connectivity of human soul and body. Chinese yoga teacher even can’t pronounce the chanting word ...
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Share Serenity throughout proper diet
2015-6-24 15:27
Serenity throughout proper diet
Strain is the root of many diseases. Mostly headache, hair fall, wrinkle, diabetes, high blood pressure and low blood pressures, cancer, various diseases are caused by strain even your glow of face and charm of life can be grabbed by strain. One can vibrate positive rays toward others with serenity. One calm housewife means whole family can delight with healthy happiness. So, to get rid of strain, diet is crucial. One should consume salutary foods with kindness, sacre ...
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Share China’s determination to protect environment
2015-6-23 19:52
Recently, Chinese government has disseminated one of the crucial plans to strictly preserve huge land of jungle as a mission. The 3 years long plan will be implemented till 2017 as a resolution and the main objectives of the plan is to save greenery and throughout the environment. China is highly criticized because of air pollution in past. Gradually it has determined to resume the best air quality in this nation. China has been pursuing some experiences and experime ...
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Share Top 16 reasons that yoga is extra
2015-6-22 18:14
We are always persisting for good health as a secret wealth but with the normal errors diseases can attack and ruin our normality and serenity. we always have do exercise, have morning walk, go to fitness centers, have dances, do aerobics, play badminton and so on but the body doesn’t meet our requirements. Those events can improve our health partially but not in complete. This June 21 we observed world yoga day for the first time and many people concerned of yoga b ...
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Share World yoga day in Beijing
2015-6-21 13:43
june 21 is the first world yoga day which is celebrated all over the world with varies yoga activities. The representative of united nations, Indian ambassador for China, many yoga gurus and mare joined the opening ceremony in Beijing University on Sunday. More than dozens yoga campaigns were held in Beijing, one of the yoga opening ceremonies in Beijing was organized by Peking university, Indian Embassy and art of living organ ...
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Share Hand Check by Hand Shake
2015-6-4 09:27
Hand Check by Hand Shake
Its common to have handshake while we meet the friends or other parties due to convey our courtesy and welcome. Handshake is not reflects only a friendly atmosphere but checks out the opposite shakers health, mentality and death too. According to the research, the lose shaking depicts the health riskiness. The less strengthening handshake is the prediction of heart attack, and brain hemorrhage. Related research team says handshake is the process that can be symptomized the p ...
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Share Some tips to give up tobacco.
2015-5-31 15:43
Some tips to give up tobacco.
May 31 st is the World No tobacco day. To create public awareness World health organization WHO has marked the day with various activities. Many users are aware about the bad effects of tobacco but they are unwillingly stranded in this whirlpool. May this day can inspire us to get rid of the Tobacco and be sincere about our health. Some tips to give up the tobacco addiction. Don’t be pressurized by others but try to be determined to get rid of tobacco addiction. Be ready ...
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Share Imagination medicine {ii}
2015-5-13 16:08
Imagination medicine {ii}
Do you believe? Even cancer is cured with mental imaginary therapy. Modern science and technologies have been adopting this system. A patient can quickly recover with the combination of medicine and imagination power. The patients must be followed by imagination every three times in a day - Morning, midday and tonight before sleeping. How to imagine? - Sit on a chair or lie down on the bed looking to the ceiling or sky, let your body relaxed. The process starts of y ...
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Share World health day: Farm to plate
2015-4-6 16:22
World health day: Farm to plate
The world health day (April 7th) is being held all over the world as the campaign day of health. We know the value of health and we observe it as a wealth. This year world health organization (WHO) has prepared the slogan; - from farm to plate, make food safe. We all creatures are living on the rounded globe and inter-related in various aspects. Safe food is not required for any individuals but for all beings. Unsafe foods are being the cause of deaths of millions, annually. Foods are c ...
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Share To reduce smog
2015-3-22 15:59
To reduce smog
These days are very amazing in Beijing with warm and lovely spring scenarios around. Spring is just coming here. Normally blue sky and warm rays of sun can be felt and spring breeze blows in slow motion. Frenzy and enthusiastic feelings have engulfed heart after those cold winter days. At the same time the main concern is that either the blue sky reveals a long or the haze coated days will come again? Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei are going to acceler ...
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