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Share No world cup clamor in China?
2018-6-26 14:41
No world cup clamor in China?
The world cup football is drawing the entire world's attention. we can see many interesting events and records have been being around the world. i have been here in Beijing since 2012 but this time feeling almost a silent China ..Are Chinese not paying attention towards football or my analysis is wrong? Even not met/interacted any football team supporters too...its disgusting for me
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Share World athletics Championship kicked off
2015-8-22 19:39
World athletics Championship kicked off
Bird nest stadium where the summer Olympic was inaugurated in 2008 was again cheered up with the international athletics opening ceremony in 22 august 2015 with the theme of fly with dream. Some 1,931 athletes from 207 nations are gathered once again for the world harmonies and dreams. This is the greatest event of biggest teams and athlete number. China is hosting the first international biggest sports event after the Beijing Olympic in 2008. The opening ...
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Share International day of Sport for Development and Peace
2015-4-5 19:28
International day of Sport for Development and Peace
The 193 members of the United Nations have unanimously agreed to set April 6 as the international day of Sport for Development and Peace 2 years ago on 23 rd August 2013. The next day of the sport is going to be held on 6 April 2015, sport is always being a part of human civilization. There are various valuable achievements throughout sports which aren’t be denied. The sports can be the part of peace and reconciliation, it can narrow down the distance between peop ...
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Share Congratulation kangaroo!
2015-3-29 18:08
Congratulation kangaroo!
The previous four times winner of world cup cricket, Australia has lifted the title for 5th times too. the cozy win over co-host New Zealand by 7 Wickets. however my support was for team New Zealand as a sympathy that first time Kiwi was near to the cup. New Zealand, the toss winner first decided to bat, unfortunately, the opening was worst except Ross taylor and grant elliott became the oasis for the team. Kiwis concluded its inning with 183 runs loosing all wickets w ...
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Share Richest footballer
2015-3-26 17:15
Football is not my profession but it is one of the best games for me too. Many nations have great prestige because of sports entity. Chinese eager to build a reputation in football but pundits suggest that Chinese youngsters to assimilate football as a dream. They should follow it to be a disciplined one, celebrity and richest man, then they will be inspired for it and devoted to rise up Chinese football dream. Does anyone have so high property playing football? D ...
Personal category: Sports|3659 views|9 comments Popularity 8
Share World cup cricket:
2015-2-14 12:41
World cup cricket:
The biggest cricketing event, the ICC World Cup has been kicked off with a grand opening ceremony. All 14 teams will have their eyes set on the tournament to lift the title. Australia and New Zealand have been jointly hosting the 11 th series of world cup cricket from 14 February 2015 to 29 th march 2015. 26 matches will be organized in Australia and 23 in New Zealand. Cricket fans can have a great enjoyment during 49 matches. World cup is the biggest stage for cricketers ...
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Share Is there Football in China!
2015-1-27 08:45
Is there Football in China!
Here we are! The 31st january will decide Champion of the AFC football cup-2015. Host nation Australia, South Korea, Iraq or UAE, who will be the winner of this series? Deliberately or unexpectedly I have asked to my Chinese friend, is there any football existing in China? At that time a domestic basketball competition was being live broadcast from Television. Exciting of basketball tournament we were having discussion about Chinese image in sports. He cheered up with the ...
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Share Lina’s retirement from Tennis
2014-9-19 19:37
Disappointed news that I got, two times Grand Slam holder Chinese Li Na has announced retirement from professional Tennis life. French open and Australian open champion Li has been representing to Asia as world Tennis ranking as a top player. Because of knee injury Li couldn’t play anymore. It is really annoying for any player to leave play ground because of injury, it happens too but this decision is depressing to the Asian wor ...
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Share Message of Nanjing YOG
2014-8-28 17:14
The second summer youth Olympic game-YOG- (16-28) has been concluded in historical city of Nanjing with the slogan of ‘Share the games, share our dreams.’ Sport is hundred times greater than other events to build the brotherhood in the world however some Ebola epidemic affected nation’s some players weren’t joined. Somehow one merit of the Olympic assimilates gathering whole world in one stadium arena. This time about 5 thousand youngster athletes ( ...
Personal category: Sports|1821 views|7 comments Popularity 3
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