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Share Top 11 viewpoints that irritates vegetarian in China
2017-1-18 16:03
Top 11 viewpoints that irritates vegetarian in China
It is common to have vegetables in China but vegetarian knowledge is uncommon in China. I've visited some places of China due to business trips other travels. Wherever I go, I found almost dumb restaurant owners about vegetarian cuisines. I wandered some so-called pure religious restaurants but unfortunately encountered totally ignoramus sellers. There are different views of point about vegetarian in the world but you find totally zero knowledge in China. Not only restaurant masters bu ...
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Share Taste of female hand
2015-2-3 20:39
Taste of female hand
I have realized that the food cooked by female party of the house possessed with great taste and vigor. Sometimes my father and brothers use to prepare food in my house but I rarely get satisfying tastes on them. Or sometimes psychologically quickly get hungry after finishing the plate. I am also very poor in cookery. If the situation compels me to cook, I try to include lots of spices in my recipe but that never matches to my mother or sister’ delicacies flavor. ...
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Share Chinese Agriculture Year
2015-2-2 09:26
Chinese Agriculture Year
China has declared the year 2015 will be the agricultural reformation year that total strength will be paid for agricultural development. This is the most important program that China has been applying all efforts for growth. Agriculture is the first industry in human history and it provides more than we have seeded for free of cost in many cases. More than thousands of years back of human civilization, there has been nothing discovered any optional stuff to survive. So food is o ...
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Share Tedious Longevity
2014-12-5 14:43
Tedious Longevity
These may be the crucial points for healthy life and longevity. 1-Early to go bed and early to get up 2- Strain free happiness. 3- Light and organic foods with proper calories. 4- Fresh air and vegetarian lifestyle 5- Smoking and alcohol less entertainment. 6- Truthful and honesty with kindness. 7- Daily yoga and wishes from depth of heart. We may live 100 years with 100 percent natural ...
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Share Himalayan Viagra in Yushu
2014-10-30 20:28
Daily life of Yushu prefecture of Qinghai province is tranquil and idyllic after reconstruction of demolished earthquake which was occurred in April of 2010. Now lifestyle looks enthusiastic on flourishing way. Smiley faces and active people gather in a newly built Bazaar which is full of fungus (yarshagumbu) business, at last September while we visited there. Yarsa market Yarsa dealer One of the crowded markets of Yushu is for so-called Him ...
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Share A banana in a day, keeps doctor away!
2014-9-13 17:50
A banana in a day, keeps doctor away!
All we have the tasted of banana and all we know the merits of banana as well. There are many forums who described it and in our forum also I would like introduce. On behalf of calories, vitamin and minerals banana is the best. Banana possess by fat, carbohydrates, sugar and fiber, vitamin c, potassium etc. Almost all season this multifarious fruit is available, I am not sure either you like or not, but like most. Its not only easy to eat but nutritious too. Glucose, ...
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Share Fruits, like a heart and Buddha
2014-8-31 20:08
Fruits, like a heart and Buddha
Nobody can stop creativity but it’s the matter if it is get platform or proved something smart or not? Some People are addicted to create a unique to be drawn and sellable. What do you think if the vegetable and fruits become weird in shape? It will be peculiar if the fruit and vegetable looks like human organs? Such creativity has been revealed in china. Fruit mould named company has made the fruits as human shape which looks cute and lovely. Fruit ...
Personal category: Food|3367 views|28 comments Popularity 15
Share Chinese Cuisines onward to inscription
2014-8-27 15:57
Chinese Cuisines onward to inscription
Only six cuisines are registered in UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage till now. Amid first failure in 2011, Chinese Cuisine will be in next race of inscription. According to Chinese cuisine related authority at first China was not vividly clear about the inscription procedures at first. In 2011 Chinese project was submitted to the traditional cooking skills but it is not even prepared well. China Cuisine authority claimed unfamiliar with international rules made its plans d ...
Personal category: Food|2607 views|14 comments Popularity 6
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