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Share Happy New Year-2017
财神 2016-12-31 15:14
Happy New Year-2017
I would like to extend my Happy New Year greeting to all my CD blog mates. May the New year 2017 will bring a lot of love, happiness, well-being and prosperity in your life. Cheers..!!
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Share Stone forest: photo feature
财神 2016-6-23 16:38
Stone forest: photo feature
Ignoring rainy forecast we started our 80 kilometers long journey from the capital city of Yunnan province, Kunming. I was eager to explore the name of a forest that is created by stones. Can there be a jungle with stones? Can it be described as jungle? There are lots of stones around the earth why that one is called strange Stone forest? There are unique and adventurous stones and rocks around the world? Why those stones are listed in the world heritage? Almost two hours lat ...
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Share Village Tourism for Poverty Alleviation
财神 2015-8-4 18:03
Village Tourism for Poverty Alleviation
China’s poverty alleviation and national tourism bureau has jointly announced that the 13th five years plan will target the destitution abolition. Throughout the tourism some 17% population will be upgraded to the better step. Amid the China’s economic development and public purchasing power the consumption system also rapidly growing; so the village tourism is revealing its best symptoms. The last year 2014 data indicates that the entire national tourism ...
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Share Miseries of Hard Life
财神 2015-7-20 10:23
May you have heard the News about the refugees who are migrated from one place to another and encountered tough moments during their journey. because of wars, violations, rifts, unstable political ups and downs and human crisis many people are forced for oasis in this world. they are wandering with high risks for a better livelihood. mostly, African immigrants are flooding to the west European nations. the latest pictures show that migrants striving to board on a rail in Macedonia and Gr ...
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Share Industrial tour to Xining
财神 2015-6-30 08:37
This was my second visit to Qinghai province, last year I have visited of the vast land of Qinghai, so many spectacular scenes were captured in my lance too. this time while I was there an important program had been organized titled ‘Xining international forum and cooperation forum of cities along the Silk Road. Innovating the opening up of cities in western china, promoting pragmatic cooperation with international sister cities’. I’ve mentioned a little bit in my previous post too ...
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Share The world at Night
财神 2015-6-24 20:03
Sky is the universal truth and the beauty of sky is our property. Recently, International earth and sky photo contest’ a photography competition attracted some amazing night scenes. The motto of the contest is to shed light the world pollution in light. The world seems amazing at night. Lets enjoy some top photos selected among 1 thousands photos provided by agencies. The Mt. rainier, the Washington city in background Mt.bromo, not smoking ...
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Share Xi’an- The Wild goose pagoda
财神 2015-6-14 18:33
During my Xi’an visit I witnessed the dayanta pagoda or great wild goose temple. During the tang dynasty (652AD), monk xuanzang visited Indian continent to worship Buddha, collect Sanskrit Buddhist scriptures and buddha sutras. He came back to Xi'an and built this pagoda to preserve the Buddha sutra which is reflected as a famous tourist attraction of Xian. Pagoda is being an ornament of ancient city Xian and many tourists visit the pagoda as an ancient gift from tang dynasty. So ...
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Share Longest and highest Sky-bridge in China
财神 2015-6-11 09:51
The next historical creation has been made by China for the world surprise. World’s largest and longest bridge is ready now in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province. People who have strong heart and possessed with great guts can walk on the bridge due to the transparent glasses. One can feel dizzy or scared due to the height of the bridge and deep scene of the earth. The bridge can b ...
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Share Xi’an-ancient city wall
财神 2015-6-10 16:17
Walls have an important role in Chinese geological history. Along with great wall (well known in Beijing) and many others wall can be found China made in history. Many people remember the Beijing located great wall while climbing the Xian wall. The wall is about 12 meter high and 15 meter width which is the next attraction of the city. Visitors can ride bus or bicycles over the wall and see the ancient scenes. About 600 years long history carrying wall was ma ...
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Share Blue sky of Lhasa
财神 2015-6-9 17:06
Blue sky of Lhasa
I haven’t been to Lhasa, capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region but learnt and cherished a good impression about its cultural background and environmental impression. As the latest News disseminated by the authority of Lhasa that it has harvested 356 days blue sky. Lhasa possessed air quality rate of 97.54 percent and ranked 3 rd position out of country's 74 major cities. Bright sun and blue sky is being our recent public demand in the world bu ...
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