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Share An umbrella in the hand is worth two in the face
2014-2-28 15:36
Why do random Chinesers attempt to blind me with the prongs of their umbrellas every time a few drops of water fall out of the sky? Would it hurt them that much to just tilt their gamps slightly so as not to render me sightless. Just another example of the crippling lack of empathy in this society, where people are positively terrified of the notion of yielding, even briefly, to someone else.
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Share Erstechen aus hotpot
2014-2-27 03:20
That story about ze German businessman purportedly shagging another man's wife, who was stabbed to death in a hotpot restaurant, seems to have died a death (no pun intended). Anyone have any updates on this? Was he actually playing around? Has the criminal seen justice? AOB? Gestabt
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Share ad absurdum
2014-2-27 03:15
Contentious issue of the day: Vicarious anger A colleague's disbelief at a shifu ferrying students up and down in the elevator to their classes, rendering the elevator full and unable to take him despite the fact he has an injured leg, and said shifu closing the elevator doors in his face despite him being staff. Had me going. Ahhhh, first world issues.... In other news, the smog has been replaced by the rain... which will inevitably give way to stifling sun and humidity. Ever get ...
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    • An umbrella in the hand is worth two in the face 2014-3-2 23:50

      Until I came here, I thought pokes were only found on Facebook!  When I first came here I emailed back to my friends that I had become invisible. It almost seemed that way when trying to board a bus, pay in a convenience store, get onto an escalator. TIS.

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