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Share Can Scores Really Tell Your Academic Performance?
2014-10-6 23:16
As scores for TEM-4 just came out today at my university, there is an air of tension lurking. Nervous to know the results, I scrolled down the list to find out where I was. And when I finally saw my score, I became silent. I flunked my examination, not literally flunked but way lower than my expectation. I entertained the notion that I must be on the top but turned out to be just average, well, maybe over the average just a little. This makes me think. Does scores really matter? An ...
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Share Hot Water
2014-10-1 13:18
Hot Water
Lately I've been reading a book titled River Town , written by Peter Hessler. It is about his life on the Yangtze River in China for two years. For those foreigners who have read it or are about to read it, I bet the stories in the book will absolutely resonate with you. I have heard of many anecdotes happened between foreigners and Chinese people. It is coming across the words "hot water" while looking through the book that makes me feel like sharing them all in CD co ...
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Share The Lights
2014-9-28 00:59
This friday I was in Pinghu for a one-night stay. My friend took me to his friend's new opened bakery. We, practically speaking, spent most of our time there chit-chatting. His friend was busy making fondant cake for one customer's wedding. Though it seems like not the right time to pay our visit, we still had a great time. She tried to spare as much time as she could to have dinner with us but was not able to hang out with us. There was a local festival then. So my friend and I take the ...
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Share That Awkward Moment
2014-8-15 20:41
How many times have you been through awkward moment? A few times? Thousands of hundreds of them? Uh...I lost count! And today, there was another one. But unfortunately, the one who had it is not me. Actually I was giggling hysterically. My friend and I hit the mall this afternoon to shop what is needed for the trip to Yunnan in a few days. When we crossed one clothing store, we stopped to take a close look at the details on the clothes, yes, from the outside not inside. So, the di ...
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Share Movie Recommanded
2014-8-13 21:24
Movie Recommanded
Today I watched a really really great movie called Orphan. I am supposed to watch it several days ago but I didn't find the source. With the help of my friend, I made it. The movie is great because of the following reasons. First of all, the plot is amazing. I guess it is adopted from a mysterious novel. It gets me going. I was almost expecting what was gonna happen all the time. Second, the actors and actresses are talented. As you can tell f ...
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Share Chinglish That Foreigners May Not Understand
2014-7-31 21:21
One culture, you have to admit, is changing another especially in terms of language. As often as Chinglish is heard, I find it interesting to share some of the most used Chinglish by Chinese people. 1.No zuo no die This one is catching up lately,which in Chinese is 不作死就不会死. It describes people who find trouble before trouble itself find themselves. So, it's kind of the opposite meaning of an English saying——Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. A ...
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Share Happy Birthday
2014-7-28 22:00
Happy Birthday
I was asked by my colleague yesterday whether I need to take one day off and I said I was fine. But she kept asking me the same question for several more times until she got it that I really didn't need it. Birthday is not much a thing according to my family values. It doesn't mean my family is weird or something. It is just some annoying stuff going on between my family members and I don't bother to mention it. W hen I was chatting with my friend, she brought it up my la ...
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Share Scream While Running in the Stormy Rain
2014-7-27 22:31
Clouds gathered above just like yesterday at proximately the same time. Winds began to blow from outside. The sky got darker till the point that I love the most. The color that makes you feel nostalgic was warning that a stormy rain was preparing to attack. I was set to go earlier than usual since my boss was concerned that it might not convenient for me to go home given that the pouring rain was yet to come. I rushed out of the door of the building in a delighted mood. The r ...
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Share Cool Kids Fashion Show
2014-7-25 21:55
Cool Kids Fashion Show
Accompanying the increasing consumption of the women clothing, the development of children clothing is ready to take off. CKF exhibition was scheduled to open on July 22, in which CKF design contest attracted the most attention. Since my friends were in the competition, I was lucky to get fully involved in it. And I kind of almost devote all my spare time to help him finish his collection. Those days after I got back from work I started to hand-sewing to make the pattern of the clothes. An ...
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Share Things That I Take Too Long to Know
2014-6-27 22:46
When I was in the first phase of a relationship, I cared too much about the significant other. I must have been crazy to ask about everything even if it is too minor to bring it up. I was such a man that hold on too tight. And only only after I was told that I went way too far did I know that I was wrong all the time. I was on the intersection of letting go of and keeping it. & ...
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  • That Awkward Moment 2014-8-18 18:28

    poor guy

  • That Awkward Moment 2014-8-18 16:15

    csj478504919: Ah, you are funny and thanks for your concern. I will smile when I think of it.
    Smile is a worthy act

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