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Share Virgin Atlantic looks to the future .
ColinSpeakman 2017-7-28 12:40
Sir Richard Branson is a role model entrepreneur and innovator and I have enjoyed reading his autobiographies and I am looking forward to his latest one when I am back in London mid August. He adds great value to the Virgin Brand. Yet he has passed the traditional retirement age in the UK though that means nothing these days and he shows no signs of slowing down. However it makes sense to secure the future investment in Virgin Atlantic which is one part of the Virgin Group. In the past Virgin At ...
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Share The Smartphone - Indispensable to Life in China
ColinSpeakman 2017-6-15 13:39
I would add as a foreigner here in China that, of course, the smartphone is almost indispensable in western countries too, but there are some differences. One basic aspect is that westerners tend to see the make and model of phone as a key aspect - the battery life, the memory, the camera quality for sharing in global websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,etc.(we know the issues in the PRC). In China, increasingly it is a key App called WeChat that is most impor ...
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Share 8 Reasons Why I love China
ColinSpeakman 2017-5-12 21:11
Inspired by a recent WeChat re-issue of Michael Murphy's October 2015 Blog "7 Reasons I love China", I decided to post my own - after all that time I thought of eight :-) Actually some reasons I agree with but others are different - we are not all alike. 1) Chinese People - I too put this first after meeting so many wonderful people here since my first visit it 2003. Chinese true friends believe in long term relationships (rather like in business here). I have had the privilege of living ...
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Share Trump's Divided America.
ColinSpeakman 2017-2-4 13:59
My lasting thought about the outcome of the American Presidential election was that it revealed a divided USA and a lot of compromise was going to be needed to heal the wounds. Yet President Trump is an uncompromising figure. Sure he included a need to unite the nation to make America great again in his victory speech but he has embarked quickly on divisive policies once in office. The travel ban on citizens of 7 Muslim majority countries was bound to produce an outcry both ag ...
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Share 6 Thanksgivings in China
ColinSpeakman 2016-11-25 18:10
Yesterday I hosted a group of 12 (mainly Americans) in Shanghai at a Thanksgiving Dinner. I have experienced a few in USA too! This was my 6th special dinner on fourth Friday of November in China, all restaurant based. A big difference is that my experiences in USA have been in American friends' homes - it is the traditional way, bringing family and friends together in a cosy warm place - There have even been movies about the struggles to get home to family from other parts of the USA ...
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Share Violence Against Society
ColinSpeakman 2016-7-26 14:02
I thought very hard about this title. I did not want to put the word "terrorism" in it as it has become an overused word, which risks devaluing its horrific true meaning. Media seem to look to add terrorism too readily to headlines about any act of violence in and against society. Equally the authorities strive to look carefully at whether each act is an act of terrorism. We know terrorism when we see it - The downing by a bomb of PanAm 103 over Scotland in the late 1980s (I mention that just as ...
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Share Euros 18: The Final Countdown
ColinSpeakman 2016-7-9 19:50
My last few words at the end of Euros:17 postwere "France can do it" - that referred to reaching the final and they did beating Germany 2-0. I will have a last few words at the end of the post too! First we need to look at France's opponents - Portugal. They are in their second Euro Championships Final this century - they lost as hosts in 2004. So they know what it feels like. Ronaldo was only 19 and entering his second year at Manchester United. He cried on the pitch but it was ...
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Share Euros 17: Ronaldo the Leap
ColinSpeakman 2016-7-7 13:23
In the 1960s and 1970s a famous striker was nicknamed "Wyn the Leap" as he could jump high to win headers - this was Wyn Davies who played for Newcastle United, Manchester City and Manchester United and my club Blackpool (for two years). He was Welsh and capped many times for Wales. In France it was a pity that Wales did not have such a player to counter Ronaldo the Leap last night there. Wales lost 2-0 to end a gallant run to the Semi-Finals - great memories. They looked to have a chance o ...
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Share Euros v 16: 5-2 but not penalties
ColinSpeakman 2016-7-4 09:55
Anyone waking up and hearing that France beat Iceland 5-2 could be forgiven for saying : "What, it went to a penalty shootout?" In fact France won in 90 minutes - effectively in 45 minutes by which time France were 4-0 up. Still it was nice to have three more goals in the second half and we could say "Iceland won the second half"! We have not been treated to a seven goal game in this tournament and it was overdue, especially a top team versus a minnow. The national rankings do not lie and Ice ...
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Share UK and EU - The cake and eat it myth
ColinSpeakman 2016-7-3 08:12
The UK continues to agonize over the Brexit decision. A huge march in London by Pro-EU supporters with hearts containing the EU sign. We know of the almost 4 million strong petition asking Parliament to change the Referendum rules - but cannot be done after the event. Hindsight is 20-20 and how Cameron must regret not taking up the suggestion by the Scottish leader to require that the vote could only change the status quo if it was confirmed in all regions of the UK - thus all of England and Wa ...
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