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Share Trump's Divided America.
ColinSpeakman 2017-2-4 13:59
My lasting thought about the outcome of the American Presidential election was that it revealed a divided USA and a lot of compromise was going to be needed to heal the wounds. Yet President Trump is an uncompromising figure. Sure he included a need to unite the nation to make America great again in his victory speech but he has embarked quickly on divisive policies once in office. The travel ban on citizens of 7 Muslim majority countries was bound to produce an outcry both ag ...
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Share Violence Against Society
ColinSpeakman 2016-7-26 14:02
I thought very hard about this title. I did not want to put the word "terrorism" in it as it has become an overused word, which risks devaluing its horrific true meaning. Media seem to look to add terrorism too readily to headlines about any act of violence in and against society. Equally the authorities strive to look carefully at whether each act is an act of terrorism. We know terrorism when we see it - The downing by a bomb of PanAm 103 over Scotland in the late 1980s (I mention that just as ...
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Share UK and EU - The cake and eat it myth
ColinSpeakman 2016-7-3 08:12
The UK continues to agonize over the Brexit decision. A huge march in London by Pro-EU supporters with hearts containing the EU sign. We know of the almost 4 million strong petition asking Parliament to change the Referendum rules - but cannot be done after the event. Hindsight is 20-20 and how Cameron must regret not taking up the suggestion by the Scottish leader to require that the vote could only change the status quo if it was confirmed in all regions of the UK - thus all of England and Wa ...
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Share UK exit from EU - A selfish vote?
ColinSpeakman 2016-6-26 13:11
There is a lot of anguish in the UK (and around Europe too) at the shock result of UK citizens to vote to leave the EU. It was not my vote as a UK (and EU) passport holder and not the wishes of a lot of people. Scotland voted in every polling district to stay in, and Northern Ireland voted to stay in. The capitals of England (London) and Wales (Cardiff) voted to stay in as did a lot of Southern England. Clearly the vote was polarized with provincial areas of England and Wales voting to leave. ...
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Share EU: UK out - A Tale of Two Cities
ColinSpeakman 2016-6-24 16:16
I borrowed the title from the famous Charles Dickens' novel. One city is more than a city - London, the capital and a global mega city. The other would be a city if in USA, but in UK, where the title of city is closely controlled, it is just a large town, Blackpool. I grew up in one, Blackpool , in the North of England, and lived and worked in the other. London in the South of England. London as a whole voted 60% to remain in the EU and 40% to leave. Blackpool, the other way round, as much as ...
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Share The EU - Shall we stay or shall we go?
ColinSpeakman 2016-6-20 17:33
This week I will be looking with some concern at the results of the "Remain" or "Leave" choice for UK citizens in respect of the European Union (EU). I will display my colours here - I really do hope the UK stays in the EU. In the late 1980s I had the privilege of leading groups of typically 30 American students on Travel-Study tours of the EU and teaching them about the benefits of creating "A United States of Europe". It was in the period of the run up to the Single European Act of 1992 ...
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Share G20 Sky
ColinSpeakman 2016-6-19 19:22
Following on from the APEC Blue Skies of the Beijing summit in 2014, when factories were shut and road traffic limited, enabling those then there (including me) to enjoy clean air, we will see G20 skies in late August and early September this year in Hangzhou when the provincial capital (and a Paradise on Earth') hosts the G20 summit of world leaders. They too of course need to breathe clean air - God forbid that their health be put at risk. Between August 24 and September 6 factories in host ...
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Share Not a man of Clay
ColinSpeakman 2016-6-4 14:23
When some people die, one remembers where one was at the time. I always remember that I was on a private bus to Suzhou in 2009 when I heard that Michael Jackson had passed away. It was reinforced that night by going out and seeing crowds gathered around video stores watching MJ videos and dancing. So I imagine that I will remember I was in a restaurant in Shanghai's Middle Huaihai Lu when I heard of the sad death of Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxer. It was not quite such a shock as MJ as news h ...
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Share Here yesterday, gone today
ColinSpeakman 2016-6-2 10:29
Here yesterday, gone today
This is a slight twist on the expression "Here today, gone tomorrow'. I prefer it, because when tomorrow comes it is of course today! Things happen fast in big cities in China - especially in super fast Shanghai. Sometimes it can take the uninitiated by surprise. Near my campus and in a huge mall I frequented a branch of Gloria Jeans Coffee since last summer and had coffee and chat with my students and regular visitors. A very useful location as it had access directly into the coffee bar even wh ...
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Share The rise of "fake" terrorism
ColinSpeakman 2015-12-26 16:48
At the start of this year, I expressed my worries that terrorism would be a major problem in 2015 - sadly that has proven to be true. Taking the world as a whole, there has hardly been a day gone by without a terrorist act somewhere. We should not get imune to it or only give it huge media coverage if it happens in Paris or in San Bernardino. We should also mourn the evil acts of ISIS, The Taliban, Al-quaeda, Boko Harun and others in their home territories. We should also care that allied attack ...
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