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Share Civilization as tendency or something
zxbbba 2014-6-18 11:26
Civilization has tendencies and so do cultures among other things otherwise everything would be possible or without things quite different in ways many in that it is the core of cores and basic of basics believe it or not out there they are as truth as self-evident because it is very very natural therefore no one could change it but change for it or adept themselves to it like a bird eying something edible greedy and delicious.
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Share Dreams making for pals' dream of imagination
zxbbba 2014-2-20 09:33
The other night I had a dream in which I met an American friend of minewho happens to have the same surname as President Obama, who in my dreamseemed to have said that if he were the president of the States, he would certainly increase the defense budget, which had been said by one of his Chinese pal to cover the expenditures not only of the military, but also of the management personnel ofsome civil department under the trust of a Washington-posted newspaper, where the guy in ...
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