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Share Open Letter to One PG One
2018-3-1 03:01
Open Letter to One PG One
What’s up, PG, You nearly were a G to reckon with, but sadly, you are but one PG with an ‘I’ missing from the middle. I hear you were caught championing drugs and misogyny? I hear you are now being shunned because of the lyrics you spewed when you were less than wise – life is a female dog, matey. I do not like hip hop, I am a reggae man, you might know it, it has roots in Jamaica but is one of the big genres under the black music umbr ...
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Share Protect the Buddha from those Selfie-takers!
2015-8-25 19:58
It is always hypnotizing to be in a Buddhist temple. I will never get used to it. Each time I am in a temple I shut up and gaze at the statues and take in all details about the temple, but one thing I also cannot resist is try to capture that golden beauty on film. And that is an issue not just for me, but for many tourists and temple minders. I have been to many holy sites in China, The Jaded Buddha Temple in Shanghai, The Grottoes in Datong, Temple ...
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Share Realism Can Hamper but Also Help Solve Climate Change
2015-8-25 19:44
Climate and Climate Change: The issues Climate is generally defined as a measure of the average pattern of variation intemperature,humidity,atmospheric pressure,wind,precipitation, atmospheric particle count and othermeteorologicalvariables in a given region over long periods of time.It is different from weather, which is the measure of these factors over a short period of time. Climate Change is thus simply put, th ...
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Share An Obituary to a Cute Rabbit I Enjoyed Eating.
2015-8-21 22:59
It has happened to me before, so I know how this works. It ends well. I was young, my mother told me to slaughter a chicken so that it could be prepared for dinner. I did the needful: tied its legs, pinned its two wings together and with my left hand on the legs and the right one on the winds, I sliced the knife into its neck. The chicken gave the best fight it could, blood gushed from the snapped neck and jettisoned about a meter into the air as if it was all ...
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Share I Nearly Shut down Shanghai Airport and Other Annoying Mishaps
2015-8-21 22:26
Well, it was easy, first I had a big thick black coat, Black Timberland boots a chipped pair of jeans and I had a hairstyle like Mr. T. And I am African. Then my bag looked like a proper bomb in the scanner. As required, I dropped my belt, coins, pen, boots into the security- check basket and I passed the scanner without any incident, but my three carry-on bags were not that lucky. The guy from behind the monitor issued one look at me and back to his screen and demande ...
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Share The Architechts of the Shanxi Revolution
2015-8-19 22:03
The Architechts of the Shanxi Revolution
She is shy, she has that constant smile on her face making you wonder when she is really smiling and when she is just being a tour guide. Short and always attending to something, that is Yoyo, 33, – real name Li Jing –who plies her trade in Shanxi. Despite her diminutive stature, she is a giant. She has been guiding tourists for 10 years since she graduated with a master’s degree in tourism management from Shanxi University, the same university from whi ...
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Share ‘Americans make the Worst Tourists’
2015-8-17 18:07
‘Americans make the Worst Tourists’
American tourists suck. Calm down, it is not from some scientific journal or some world class survey. But still, if I was American, I would take heed. A seasoned tour guide, of ten years, Jing Li, who plies her trade in the impoverished coal producing Chinese province of Shanxi revealed this in an extensive interview I had with her aboard a tour bus on my recent trip to the province. The question I put to her was simple: You have seen all ...
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Share Would you dare these steps?
2015-5-5 15:14
Would you dare these steps?
Captured at a theme park just outside Shandong Jinan...
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Share Fine China: Suzhou - Zhongzuang-Shanghai
2015-4-28 16:08
Personal category: Lifestyle|2753 views|0 comments Popularity 6
Share Lewis Hamilton - Jerk or Innocent Winner?
2015-4-14 08:06
Lewis Hamilton - Jerk or Innocent Winner?
Lewis Hamilton, 30, sealed victory in Shanghai at Chinese Grand Prix yesterday, his second win in three races. He celebrated with 'trademark' move of spraying champagne in the face of the hostess - much to her surprise. But Object, which campaigns against sexism, said he should apologise for his 'selfish and inconsiderate' actions. Others called the driving ace 'an embarrassment to the UK', while another said it showed he was an 'ignorant clown'&nbs ...
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