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Share Stop the bad habits, people
2014-4-9 04:42
Confusing and nauseating Annoying and stinking It’s not tea without thunderous sips? Not a meal without finger licking? Your loud perfumes and phones on speakerphone Maintain a distance with your skunky breath Cut the bad habits, people Serve me without touching my food Don’t stare while I munch My head throbs Stomach turns As you continue to do me no good By continuing the infringing Please cut the bad habits, people
Personal category: Creative Writing|2133 views|5 comments Popularity 3
Share For Albert, Deaf and Dumb
2014-4-9 04:38
Blind to all sounds Mute in all dialogue Yet boisterous as the river at night Normal as an owl at night I wish he heard the music The cricket chirps, the waves And the roar of thunder Look, he stands as we duck to it! A blessing in a curse? Ticket to be oblivious to cries, gossip, And curses flying by? What if thunder fell on the standing? Or a snake hissing a warning? An oncoming truck? After puberty Will there be a proposal? ...
Personal category: Creative Writing|1669 views|1 comments Popularity 1
Share Bedlam on Quiet Street
2014-4-9 02:26
The din was enough to wake the dead. I could hear it from fivekilometersaway on the lake. I suspected some kind of reception. The village is always busy doing nothing this time of year and the only thing that households know is beer parties and marriage send offs. I banished the idea of a funeral from my head, nobody was sick in my village. Furthermore, the other inner me confronted me of being too pessimistic, so I continued fishing, feeling the sharp edges of the small woo ...
Personal category: Creative Writing|2417 views|7 comments Popularity 4
Share From Cape to Cairo, a Poem
2014-3-30 07:58
Gaze not at me in petty askance Hold your greasy misgivings in abeyance Ply first the highlands of the Berbers Toasted, knitted with the Bedouin guitar rockers Follow Nile to meet the Acholi Spread wings flap in the face of Sahel herdsmen Take your time; there is no hurry in Africa Munch my chapatti to clear the Hashish you been on Flee not from the egwugwu, the beastly masked man is my son Brought your liniment to oil your waist after Rhumba at Kinshasa? All-white party in Za ...
Personal category: Creative Writing|1235 views|1 comments Popularity 1
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