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Share Wombs for Rent are not such a Bad Idea
2015-4-14 07:07
CCTV reported on 10 April that the Chinese authorities are upping up their clampdown on surrogate pregnancies, a situation where couples who for some reason cannot bear children, have their fertilized egg planted in another woman for the rest of the gestation period. CCTV said experts say that the practice, dubbed “wombs-for-rent,” poses health risks to the women and raises legal and ethical questions. The arti ...
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Share China’s Abortion Scene is Inspiring
2014-9-15 05:09
China’s Abortion Scene is Inspiring
As someone who is passionate about abortion, among other issues, I trekked to Jinan Maternity and Children Healthcare Hospital to check out the abortion scene in China…fly on the wall style. On the third floor of the hospital a crowd of couples wait for their names to be called out on the PA. Girls, women, ladies and men stream in and out of the establishment clasping papers detailing appointments, medical tests results and other whatnots. At th ...
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Share Oral Sex is 'Dope' but Cancerous
2014-5-20 05:14
Hollywood actor Michael Douglas has caused a bit of a storm this week after claiming that the throat cancer which nearly killed him was caused by giving oral sex. It is an open secret : more couples are partaking in oral sex than ever before. That is both fellatio and cunnilingus , which is where couples orally stimulate each other’s erotic zones. Its ‘dope’ and already its being described as the new "good night kiss." At least 54 percent of teenage girls ...
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Share Go Home Science, You are Drunk!
2014-4-4 14:45
Go Home Science, You are Drunk!
I am a big fan of science, but lately I have been trying to reconsider my fan club membership, it seems the old adage of ignorance is bliss is now more than ever more relevant. It started with the Higgs bosonorHiggs particlein 2012, some shady science but earned someone a Nobel Prize, and then it reached its crescendo when scientists announced that they had heard the echoes of the big bang. Is it not laughable that scientists in 2013 be a ...
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Share What makes Chinese folks so slim?
2014-2-21 19:09
What makes Chinese folks so slim?
You walk to a Chinese restaurant and ask for vegetables, you will find some meat strewn in there. I actually wonder how vegetarians fare in China since it seems to me that meat is almost a basic component of the average dish. When you look at the amount of starch and animal fats that are being consumed around China and the body shapes that dominate the streets, you see it – the people are smaller/leaner than they should be. But with that said, don’t get me wrong, there are s ...
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