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Share Stupidest Question Ever Thrown at Me in China
2014-5-15 11:11
Stupidest Question Ever Thrown at Me in China
Well, I have had my share, my big share of stupid, awkward and weird questions thrown at me in China. I actually have come to accept it all and to secretly declare that the Chinese nation might be the only nation that is so closed to the outside world that it knows next to nothing about the world...mind the repetition. I have been asked awkward questions such as: Why is your skin black, but that was from a child. The most shocking question thrown at me was from a fully grown lady, st ...
Personal category: Culture shock|4903 views|30 comments Popularity 15
Share You Know you are in China When…
2014-4-1 13:29
Pay 1RMB and ride the bus till you are tired This is not an invitation to a joyride, you Tom Sawyer! The guy on the traffic light moves when it turns green And there is also a bike, whose wheels also spin when green The ground floor of the building is the first floor Here, your first floor is actually the second floor; the ground floor is first floor – Which actually makes sense. Someone picks their phone and th ...
Personal category: Culture shock|7111 views|43 comments Popularity 20
Share Why are you so black? And other funny things
2014-2-19 17:09
Why are you so black? And other funny things
Six months in China now, loving it...especially the culinary variety. Its bliss. But more interesting to me is the fact that some Chinese people have been smuggled to 2014 without understanding the variety of race that the world offers. I don’t know how this happened but some Chinese people can’t seem to draw lessons from the fact that just like their wide range of food and cooking styles, the world was cooked up in the same way. On Sunday I went I ice skating in Ji ...
Personal category: Culture shock|16480 views|30 comments Popularity 21
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