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Share Ukraine - inside view
remitrom 2014-4-20 09:40
Views are as diverse as are people. Media is biased by design. With no first hand knowledge of my own, I go to those who are directly affected live in the area and do have a direct perspective. I have friends in Kiev. from a popular forum ( ) this is one persons view translated from Russian to English.: Ipersonnellyam to ignorant to have a political view.. However have a moral obligation toward respect for life and Non-Violence. and free speac ...
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Share Where Are You From?
remitrom 2014-4-5 22:38
This phrase must be beginner English, I am asked so often. "Where are you from?" If I am at my corner store I simply point at my flat. In my Village I will say the village name. The answer never satisfies the asker. I feel it is not a satisfactory question. I will rephrase the question, Do you mean, Where was I born? What province have I come from? Or my ancestors genes? The answer to any of these questions may invoke stereotypes that do not apply. Where I am  ...
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Share Punished in Thailand. Where are the limits?
remitrom 2014-4-4 21:29
Punished in Thailand. Where are the limits?
On the bus going to Democracy monument I met a fireman going to work. What can burn? All the buildings are concrete. Many wood factories are in the area. Oh. Do you want to see the fire station? it is close to the monument. Sure. When we got off the bus he asked if I wanted a Beer? OK we went into 7-11, got one a piece. the teller asked if we wanted them open? I looked at him and he said yes.. Teller popped the caps, so we could begin consuming rite away. We walked to the station, ...
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Share Starving in China
remitrom 2014-3-31 06:29
"Eat everything on your plate, Ya know there are starving people in China" I heard this as a kid. However in China if you clear your plate and leave nothing, your host will think you are still hungry and cook more. (or "loose face") It is custom to leave some food on your plate. I was surprised how much tasty food gets left behind that I thought composting should be done. I found out it is collected and taken to pig farms. Now the govt is starting a "frugality campaign " and encou ...
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Share Lost in Kuala Lumpur
remitrom 2014-3-29 08:54
February 19, 2013 near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Saori Saori" in Philipines means to wander aimlessly, I do this often, now without the aid of my compass (stolen from my home in the states) I walk through Hindu, Moslem,Buddhist,Lutheranneighborhoodswithout fear. A simple smile is always returned. I sample street food from all cultures and make serendipitous discoveries andacquaintances. When I get tire ...
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Share Thailand Politics
remitrom 2014-3-29 08:15
POLITICS IN THAILAND Scuse me while I go through a NORMALCY BIAS MIND ConfusionAdjustment. Background (my experience from 2007 onward) and I am not really yet clear exactly how things happe n, I Don't even speak the language! But basically their are 2 powerful parties , They DO have elections for the prime minister. However when I ask When?? is the election? The answer Just explodes my mind...................... "When She Steps Down.." ...
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Share Laundry and a meal
remitrom 2014-3-29 07:07
Laundry day August 25, 2011 at 6:46am PublicFriendsFriends except AcquaintancesOnly MeCustomClose FriendsFamilySee all lists...Triad AudioShenzhen, Guangdong AreaCanyonville, Oregon AreaChang Rai, Chiang Rai, Thailand AreaSingapore, Singapore AreaAcquaintancesGo Back Dropped off laundry yesterday, picked up today, washed dried, folded, 7 lbs for $28 HKD. $1US = $HK7.8 . Hungry now, want authentic HK food, found a small place full of people, No picture menu, No english writing Perfe ...
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Share My First Days in Hong Kong
remitrom 2014-3-29 06:46
MangKok to Sai Kung August 12, 2011 at 6:15am PublicFriendsFriends except AcquaintancesOnly MeCustomClose FriendsFamilySee all lists...Triad AudioShenzhen, Guangdong AreaCanyonville, Oregon AreaChang Rai, Chiang Rai, Thailand AreaSingapore, Singapore AreaAcquaintancesGo Back MangKok is a very busy business district where I have been the first 3 days, at nite some of the streets are blocked for foot traffic only. Every square meter is bustling with activity. USA could learn alot abou ...
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Share CULTURE ShOcK, 4 things I didn't No
remitrom 2014-3-24 19:35
After living in China for 2 years I thought I knew the culture fairly well and have done my best not to offend my hosts. I love the foods, (a few exceptions) I’d rode three on an E-bike going against traffic. Litter constantly Smoke in restaurants , I can even accept squat toilets! However when I moved into an apartment with several native Chinese, I found many culture differences I did not expect. 1.&nbs ...
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Share Gold, Silver & Expert Liars
remitrom 2014-3-24 14:22
Gold, Silver, and Expert Liars Summer 2011 - I had cashed in all my silver and one once of palladium the month previous to finance this trip. From a prone position on my friends couch in Sai Kung, Hong Kong I watched the English version of CCTV. Gold was a hot topic; the price had been going up and as more people jumped on the bandwagon, the curve grew steeper. The pictures showed hordes of Chinese people exchanging money for gold. No secret Chinese love gold. ...
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