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Where Are You From?

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This phrase must be beginner English,  I am asked so often. "Where are you from?"
If I am at my corner store I simply point at my flat. In my Village I will say the village name.
The answer never satisfies the asker. I feel it is not a satisfactory question.  I will rephrase the question,
Do you mean, Where was I born? What province have I come from? Or my ancestors genes?
The answer to any of these questions may invoke stereotypes that do not apply.  Where I am 
"from" does not determine "WHO" I am. Who I am is determined by my Experiences. Sure,
my birth country and its culture formed my early years, however my family migrated to another
country when I was a teenager. My experience is no longer mono-cultural.  I think differently
than many who hold a similar passport. I consider myself to be "man of the world".
  However I do have a language barrier (in China) so I am unable to go into this rant.
Yellow hair and blue eyes stand out, so I will continue to receive this question
I have learned to give the easy answer. Meguo-wen (American) passport.

I stole this from another blogger...   as I relate..
KIyer 2014-4-5 19:57i have grown up in over a dozen towns, i cannot say one single place that i feel, i belong to, more than others. i used to feel i belong nowhere, until one day i realised, I belong to every place i have lived in. And yes, it would be wonderful to make China my home for sometime. I feel I would enjoy it and it would be a privilege.

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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-4-6 14:00
If I am in Beijing and people ask where I am from, I say:Shanghai - Jing An Si  area. That usually puzzles them enough to stop right there   if any ask for more details, I say my relatives ran the (former) British Concession.    

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    Women  were considered  inferior

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    Mmmm ,yummy but the Waste is sth we should all worry about .if someone says wasting food is a Culture then such culture should be abondoned .
    There used to be bad cultures since time immimorial and when religion and civilization came ,those bad cutures were left .
    There was a time when women were burried live because at the time ,women  or girls were
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