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Punished in Thailand. Where are the limits?

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On the bus going to Democracy monument I met a fireman going to work. What can burn? All the buildings are concrete. Many wood factories are in the area. Oh. Do you want to see the fire station? it is close to the monument. Sure. When we got off the bus he asked if I wanted a Beer? OK we went into 7-11, got one a piece. the teller asked if we wanted them open? I looked at him and he said yes.. Teller popped the caps, so we could begin consuming rite away. We walked to the station, open beers in hand. Sat around drinking with the other firemen. Boss came by, Then the top boss showed up... My friend was soon doing push-ups. what's up with that?
No beer allowed at the station. oops........ I suggested one hand.. a few more pictures.  
I can hear loudspeakers in the distance.    Hope my new fireman friend is has made amends with his push-ups.

I  must go on. I am drawn to where the protestors hold positions, regardless of tear gas used only days before.

Five deaths are  confirmed since these protests began. 

I have met the limits for drinking beer, punishment administered quickly.

How does this Monarchy work?   (Sequel “Politics in Thailand”).

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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-4-5 10:49
Yes what can burn? But in most countries is not the fire service a general rescue service? Not just dealing with fires.

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  • Starving in China 2014-5-8 17:54

    Women  were considered  inferior

  • Starving in China 2014-5-8 17:52

    Mmmm ,yummy but the Waste is sth we should all worry about .if someone says wasting food is a Culture then such culture should be abondoned .
    There used to be bad cultures since time immimorial and when religion and civilization came ,those bad cutures were left .
    There was a time when women were burried live because at the time ,women  or girls were
    , conceded inferior .But it finally gave into to civilization .So food waste is among the many bad cultures .

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