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Scuse me while I go through a NORMALCY BIAS MIND Confusion Adjustment.
 Background (my experience from 2007 onward) and I am not really yet clear exactly how things happen,
I Don't even speak the language! But basically their are 2 powerful parties , They DO have elections for the prime minister. However when I ask When?? is the election? The answer Just explodes my mind......................
"When She Steps Down.." Period.. Power of some kind forces the change. Looking back through several changes in party
 I have seen.. The red were elected, the yellow staged a bloodless coup wile the PM was in NY. the King backed it up and
 it stuck. the yellow began to Protest until new elections were held, and they won the popular vote. So now the Red shirts
 are having protests. It is not guaranteed, that they would win if an election were held. They each have a strong base
 leaving the swing vote as the deciding factor. Simplified, the people will vote from their embedded Buddha Nature
 Of Non-Violence. For the protesters goal is to get as many people together, disrupt government business, and be
 as big a pain in the ass, as they can, Non-violently . How the current Government reacts, then has direct implications
 on the next election, (whenever that may be) . When windows break, buses burn, people are bloodied, detained, or killed,
I t doesn't look good for somebody and gathers support for the side less blamed.
  Update...  Elections were held , but boycotted by the Yellow shirts and deemed not valid. Things have calmed
down a bit. The government is not fully functional, Life goes on.  Thailand has such a long history and it will
continue, even if the process is confusing to me.  Good Luck Thailand.....

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Reply Report voice_cd 2014-3-29 12:00
Good job, we have recommended it.
Reply Report remitrom 2014-3-30 06:48
Thank for the recommend!!.  I have added a pic from "Democracy Monument" protest camp.
Reply Report robert237 2014-3-30 11:49
Democracy will flourish when the tyranny of capitalism is abolished.
Reply Report remitrom 2014-4-1 12:55
robert237: Democracy will flourish when the tyranny of capitalism is abolished.
Thailand is a Kingdom with 1,000 year history,  with parliamentary system,
democratically elected, and thriving small businesses-pure capitalism features,
It is a mix of many forces.     I wear orange and remain neutral,  however I do have friends on both sides of the issues, and have heard many things.
So Robert, the world is much to complicated to describe all failings on one word where the meaning of that word has been re-invented to describe
mutations of the original concept.   The systems you object to are of "Mixxed"  systems  leaning toward fascism. IMHO

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  • Starving in China 2014-5-8 17:54

    Women  were considered  inferior

  • Starving in China 2014-5-8 17:52

    Mmmm ,yummy but the Waste is sth we should all worry about .if someone says wasting food is a Culture then such culture should be abondoned .
    There used to be bad cultures since time immimorial and when religion and civilization came ,those bad cutures were left .
    There was a time when women were burried live because at the time ,women  or girls were
    , conceded inferior .But it finally gave into to civilization .So food waste is among the many bad cultures .

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