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Share Starving in China
remitrom 2014-3-31 06:29
"Eat everything on your plate, Ya know there are starving people in China" I heard this as a kid. However in China if you clear your plate and leave nothing, your host will think you are still hungry and cook more. (or "loose face") It is custom to leave some food on your plate. I was surprised how much tasty food gets left behind that I thought composting should be done. I found out it is collected and taken to pig farms. Now the govt is starting a "frugality campaign " and encou ...
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Share CULTURE ShOcK, 4 things I didn't No
remitrom 2014-3-24 19:35
After living in China for 2 years I thought I knew the culture fairly well and have done my best not to offend my hosts. I love the foods, (a few exceptions) I’d rode three on an E-bike going against traffic. Litter constantly Smoke in restaurants , I can even accept squat toilets! However when I moved into an apartment with several native Chinese, I found many culture differences I did not expect. 1.&nbs ...
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Share Ancient Chinese Knowing
remitrom 2014-3-23 12:32
Lifting an object among the collection of horn scrappers and carved bone pieces, I held a rope with 3 monkeys dangling within my friend’s field of vision. “You know this one?” I respond with a smile. “ That is an Ancient Chinese Knowing”. Pointing at the highest monkey, clutching The rope with one hand while covering his eyes with the other; I say “see no evil” the second monkey with hand over mouth, &nb ...
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Share The Eye wear Revolution
remitrom 2014-3-19 17:31
There was a place, there was a time when glasses were un-fashionable. To even wear a pair could result in a penalty of Death! If you had a pair, you would keep them hidden and use them seldom and only in the privacy of your own home. The place was China; the time wasduringMao's peoples revolution. Mao's generals were peasant farmers who couldneitherread, nor write. They feared and persecuted the educated. Glasses were an indication oflit ...
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