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Finding Vivian Mier

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Photography is the art of light and shadow, so is the life of Vivian Mier, whose talent in photography not only amazed the world but also mesmerized her fans with dark and mysterious personal life.




What caught my eyes first were her photos, especially the black and white ones, they are like the art works among colored photos and can get people’s attention at first sight easily. They are the emblem of being serious, deep, and mysterious, just like the life of this famous posthumous street photographer Miss Mier.




After watching the documentary Finding Vivian Mier, it gave me an overall understanding of this genius, besides all that it is what I have learned from this Oscar Nominee Documentary that indeed changed my perspectives on life.




Life doesn't lack beauty, all we need are the eyes to find them. Miss Mier took most of the pictures in Chicago and NYC, the characters were common people from all walks of life. The amazing thing is she captured the very touching moment perfectly, which makes us hold our breath when viewing pictures. Time is frozen, because there is some magical power that can draw you into the time and place you are watching. The pictures are no longer just dead boring pictures, they become vivid works of art and they were reborn by Miss Mier because they have something meaningful to express to the viewers, thus aroused the viewers a great deal of emotional resonance.




Paying attention to the daily life can be fun and beneficial, we can only live this valuable life once, thus knowing who we really want to be is of great importance on the path of realizing self-values. Everyone has an unique and irreplaceable identity on this planet, there’s no need to worry too much about what has already happened, because time will pass and we all grow and move on to our next destination. While we are growing up, we need to share because it is by sharing that we can finally enjoy the happiness of beauty, unlike Miss Mier, I would definitely show my pictures to my dear friends to exchange ideas and undergo the unexpected brainstorm in order to improve my skill or simply just in the hope of becoming a better friend though talking. Life is too short to live by one’s own, we all need friends to go through thick and thin, and I don’t believe the saying that “a person is a loner but she is not lonely ”nonsense.




Being able to express love is one of the greatest blessings that can ever happen in one’s life. Love makes us who we are, one way or another, people find their ways to show affections to others, and this is what makes our world go around because it is a kind of raw driving force beneath our skin. Miss Mier showed her enormous emotions by taking pictures and making short films and recordings, but we ordinary people can do more than just being an extremist, we touch, we smell, we talk, we exchange, we adapt, we change, we improve and sometimes we do compromise for the sake of love, and it is so beautiful because it can be happening every second in our life on the condition of being totally unconditional.




Miss Mier is a pioneer, who made a miracle by showing us one distinctive page of American history of the second half of the Twentieth Century. Her talent and enthusiasm are beyond compare, but what if she had it all before her death, what would happen if she turned out to be an optimistic and outgoing person while living, would she still be a nanny if she turned out to be an amazing photographer? These are the questions that we may never have a chance to find out. All in all, nothing can stop us from falling crazily in love with her work and her story, because there’s an old saying goes: “a long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough.” This speaks volumes for Miss Mier though she may not make a difference while living by taking pictures as an unique individual, she is indeed making a huge difference to people who are eagerly to know what has happened through the pictures she once made, which now could be seen as national treasure, and that is enough for Miss Mier to be respected as a hero of all time.


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