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Share A mother-to-be
2017-2-15 20:14
Getting pregnant is probably the most fantastic feeling for a married woman, yes, I knew that I was pregnant on 911 last year after I saw the two red bars on the pregnancy test tube, all of a sudden, my eyes became blurry and the emotion was totally overwhelming at that moment, I always wanted to be a mom, I know I could do a good job by raising a kid with my husband Jason, the only thing is the dream has come true by such an expected way! We just get married on June 12th, and I turned ...
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Share Cut me some slack I need a gap month!
2015-8-6 22:40
Cut me some slack I need a gap month!
I am either on a date, or on the way to a date! 26 years old, master degree, working in a state-owned company, stable salary,amazing parents, has never officiallyfallen in love before, I, Jennifer, is trying to find a boyfriend. But where is THE ONE? I have been working for a year now, have seen a lot of wonderful guys, how many?Em,,,,,,,, my fingers are just not enough to count! oh I have toes!!!!!!yeah!!!!!!!!!!!yeah????? For me, who surviv ...
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Share One step closer to the tale in my heart
2015-7-31 22:42
One step closer to the tale in my heart
Aershan is a beautiful little town in my heart, as early as I could remember, it has the unique charm that attacted me when I was a high school student, and that was almost nine years ago! Yeah, so many things changed after the long long nine years, me, Aershan, but notmy endless love for it, besides, this time, I have a better camera, which is amazing! I went to Aershan for three times, the second time was two years ago, my family and I visited the National park, which showed the ...
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Share Longevity--reflection and summary on TIME report of living a better longer life
2015-6-28 13:07
Longevity--reflection and summary on TIME report of living a better longer life
Science and technologyare the main driving forces to push the human life span to a new high, how old can we live to be? That is a good question. A new drug worked on mice lengthened their average life span from 27 months up to 48 months, a life of 1.77 times longer, what if the same drug to be used on human beings? Besides the concerns of side effects, is it highly possible to lift human life span from the average 80 years old to 142 years old? What would be the problems of living long ...
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Share How are we gonna live this life well?
2015-6-21 20:09
How are we gonna live this life well?
The famous Chinese Writer Hanhan once said on his Chinese Twitter likeSNS Weibo: We have learned too many lessons, but we still can't live our life well. True, this is our life, our once, unforgettble, unique life, how do you define life? how to live? Is it tiresome to live life to itsfullest potential?All these kinds of questions are spinning inside of my head lately, whether I can decode such enigmas will eventually lead to two extreme versions of me: ...
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Share Finding Vivian Mier
2015-6-17 18:36
Finding Vivian Mier
Photography is the art of light and shadow, so is the life of Vivian Mier, whose talent in photography not only amazed the world but also mesmerized her fans with dark and mysterious personal life. What caught my eyes first were her photos, especially the black and white ones, they are like the art works among colored photos and can get people’s attention at first sight easily. They are the emblem of being serious, deep, and mysterious, just ...
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Share My awkward loving experiences (one)
2014-10-29 22:10
"Everyone in love lost their sanity"said the wise people. I have heard about the line long long time ago, maybe when I was a little girl who used to take a while pondering on my future ideal husband, who would he be?what would he do? what's his like? etc. But one thing for certain, every meditaiton on that subject was just so wonderful as the bloom of flowers in my heart, now it feels almost the same like before, the only difference I can say is love goes beyond that certain circle I used ...
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