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Report crimsonwolf 2014-4-16 16:04
SEARU: your  Personal signature:    One thing that's truly hard to eradicate is the idea.       What   is   its   deep   meaning ?
I am deeply convinced that it is the idea makes the change of the world. It also means I respect the sublime mind.
Report crimsonwolf 2014-4-16 13:14
Hi, friend, what ideas shall be changed in order to catch the times?
Report tedbrent 2014-4-16 11:08
SEARU: I  am   happy   to  be   your  firend .  I   wish   to  read   some  your  blogs .
Ta. It would be fun to write something in English or Chinese here.
Report tedbrent 2014-4-16 11:04
SEARU: I  am   happy   to  be   your  firend .  I   wish   to  read   some  your  blogs .
Ta. It would be fun to write something both in Chinese and English here.
Report Zoggles 2014-4-14 14:21
SEARU: I  am  glad  to  be  your  friend !      I  am  afraid   I  COULD  NOT  enter  your  blog  room .
I don't have any blogs   . I just reply to other people's blogs and forum posts.
Report lexalee 2014-4-12 04:21
SEARU: Thank  for  your  message .   I  feel  delighted  you  are  good  at  medical  science .   My  question  is  the    following :
A  man  has  become  ...
There is insufficient medical history for these men to say. From your description but little accompanying data, I suspect these men may have had a stroke or heart attack due to the sudden change of temperature.
Report lexalee 2014-4-11 08:26
If you have brief, specific questions, please ask, but I'm afraid I haven't the time to give you any extensive help.
Report poetic_phoenix 2014-4-6 15:28
SEARU: Your  articles are good ,  the  font  seems  too  small  that  cost  eyes  too  much energy  to  read .  would  you  like  make  some  change  or imp ...
hello...thank you so much...i will definitely make changes to the font of all my blogs...have a wonderful day..
Report 小米1972 2014-4-5 20:44
SEARU: I  am  also   a  teacher,  a   serious  man.      I    think  your  blog  name  is   interesting .  maybe  you  enjoy  rice  food .
HA! maybe.
Report liu5222512 2014-3-17 23:23
SEARU: are   you  in  holiday  ?  we  miss  you.
Hi,buddy,just a little lazy.
Report KIyer 2014-3-16 18:29
thanks for your comment on my blog SEARU
Report remitrom 2014-3-14 11:21
dunno why you can't see my blog..  I am new here,  and now I wonder why I cannot find the thread I posted on for a week.
I am confused.....
Report Dr.Bill.Shen 2014-3-2 20:15
SEARU: Thank  you  for   the  flower  you   offer   me !      We   have   more    common      feeling   about   rural   life    !
You are very welcome. Simplicity is beauty. I like rural life.
Report KCH 2014-3-1 18:17
SEARU: I  still  could  not   enter   your   blog   space .  What       reason   ?
I have no idea why.
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