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Share Egg, pork and mask
2020-2-20 10:29
Do you believe that an egg is more nutritious than the newly-born chicken?Yes, much useful substance inside the egg will be ‘burnt’ during the hatching process before its crust breaks with one animal coming out!In this sense the egg price should be higher than that of chicken-meat. Is it a joke for the following: Yesterday, the shopkeeper asked me: "Now,one KG of pork is equal to twelve KG of eggs.Which do you prefer?" (As I know, the egg-price a ...
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Share The farming sense is diminishing in China
2020-1-12 16:23
Traveling around the suburb of the Dong-ying City in last Summer Holidays, I met with a strange old man with a spade on his bike whom I mistook as a farmer. In fact he was a retired worker from a big oil company. The man had been a farmer in the commune before becoming a worker who had special deeper loving to farmland than his colleagues! For this reason after retiremet he worked hard to develop some waste land into fertile fields where he growed crops and vegetables. His words left me a de ...
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Share How to deal with foreign textbooks in China
2020-1-8 10:38
Recently officials banned directly using foreign textbooks in primary schools. I made a reply as comment to that post: "The introduction of this regulation has something to do with the Hong Kong crisis. As a teacher I have posted many writings on the textbook issue. I feel that there are many problems with our current textbooks for kids. The bottom reason is that we are poor on telling children a definite explaining to a certain concept if compared with our foreign counterparts. In English you c ...
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Share Stable meat supply for the new year
2020-1-3 22:01
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Share Good art sense for leading role
2019-12-12 14:18
That text from The New Concept English told me: Politics is a dirty game in which no politicians are as perfect as beautiful jade without any spot! It is impossible for the leader to satisfy everyone no matter how hard he tries. But for one truth just as that former Japanese Premiere said: A good politician should be an artist first who can play leading role in a musical way so that the public follow him in a delighted mood. Last evening from the CCTV news program I learned that Trump was goi ...
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Share Stone is powerful than cup
2019-12-10 11:27
I have got a big stone which is 36 KG in weight and 50cm*60cm in size that is large enough for my back to lie on. I warmed it up on the stove till its center temperature reaching about 96 degree centigrade. Then I moved it onto (the) bed with strength. Of course you could not directly lie on it! I put a quilt on it then that is an ideal ‘hotel’ for sweet sleeping! It was so comfort since the warmth from the ‘ground’ could not melt your soul! Six hours later, the stone was still hot wi ...
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Share Three-year might make another story
2019-12-7 12:05
Many years ago I learned one truth from an experienced farmer that goes as following: The pork price runs up and down like peak-valley in terms each period usually lasts three years. When the pig market was in peak state, the wise man decided to sell all animals and then have a good rest; when most farmers lost money on breeding, he began to restart the business at low cost for the young pigs from the market. In this way he could earn more money than others. Just now the CCTV new program told ...
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Share The society would become paradise.
2019-11-20 09:53
Last evening I watched parts of the CCTV program on chinese food production at the meantime I had to take care of old mother and the stove. Agaiin about the meat market, I think our government should make some policy to encourage old farmers to feed more cattles with crops stalks as they did before. As I know a lot of villagers speed much time on playing cards or fishing who have enough energy and experience to raise beasts for pleasure instead. In neighboring village a retired worker buys-keep ...
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