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Share Cookery is a must-be lesson
2020-5-16 20:47
Cookery is art. Many people from our village have become experts on cooking. One of them is the boss of the famous restaurant in the county-town whose income is admirable. For average citizens cooking is the basic living skill that activity can make us more clever on thinking and practice! I notice that my three-year-old grand-daughter enjoys playing with kitchen toys. I think students should be taught to cook for the family at home. This is important for their future growth and career.&n ...
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Share The importance of the national soul
2020-4-24 16:22
It is said in America two states were going to get out of Trump‘s controling and become independent countries due to the crisis of coronavirus epidemic. The Superpower is getting into a mess on politics where the people act as the ants in the hot pot. Some report claimed that in Russia the powerful president Mr. Putin intended to rebuild the Soviet Union! ?? Mr. Lenin founded the first socialist country after that his successors sang the political songs in different tones one after anot ...
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Share How to take a good picture
2020-4-22 16:56
Mr. Tom is my colleague who spends much time on photographing. Once time in his report he told out his experience: “I always like the chance when the sky is full of colorful clouds that situation can offer you half success of the upcoming picture. All people are looking forward to that our world ought to be as attractive as rainbow we expected in dream!”
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Share How magic is the nature force
2020-4-8 12:19
How magic is the nature-force In Chinese dictionary there is a special word 電 which refers to ‘lightning’. Why? Its top is 雨 (rain)with the two horizon lines representing cloud layers and the four dots should be the water drops from the sky. The lightning can spit the ground into pieces which scene looks like the shape of 田. Then how to understand the huge ‘hook’ from the clouds to the underground? The bright lightning seems like ...
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Share Frogs are fortune animals
2020-4-6 18:02
Frogs are hero creatures those can kill many pests for their food in fields to protect crops.In China we have such a proverb: After hearing frogs' singing, you will be served with white buns in 100 days.( In my childhood the frogs would shout in loud voice after Spring raining. Farmers enjoyed the scene since that was an early fortune signal for a good wheat harvest. ) It is a pity for that we can seldom see a frog in the countyside due to ...
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Share Breath-controling means a lot to martial arts
2020-3-21 17:22
What's the meaning of the Chinese proverb In the martial arts circle there is such a saying: '外练筋骨皮,内练一口气. " In appearance you do lessons on some martial arts which will drive you become stronger on the blood vessels, bones and skin; In the meantime what taking place inside of the body should be that you must have a good adjusting on breathing: A nice gas-environment can offer you enough energy for the hard performance. (The powerful muscles act as a reservoir which can ab ...
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Share Flower-bird paintings are so touching to me
2020-3-20 21:14
Human beings should learn from these birds in this way: Stretch out the arms as wings and shake the shoulders so that you can imitate flying! In the meantime you should do deep breathing as the performance going. Long time of such practice can make the muscles around the chest become stronger that is good for the improvement of breathing ability. Powerful lungs mean a lot for the victory against the novel coronavirus.
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Share Get the window and door ready before the upcoming wind and raining
2020-3-20 20:49
As an ordinary citizen in China, I think we should do all means to strengthen our defence ability against the new coronavirus through easy physical training. Specially focus more energy on the breathing system which maybe the weakest part of the body to the germs. Make sure we are healthy enough for the special battle. This is the best answer to protect our economy. (Almost all of my recent writings have something to do with the epidemic. Welcome have a look at them. The title of t ...
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Share The secret of Chinese martial arts
2020-3-19 12:29
Most of Chinese experts on martial arts do lessons in low pace. Perform actions with a good controling on breath. Make sure activate each muscle and joint. At the sametime exhale the waste gas and absorb enough nutritious oxygen. We can imagine that what happens in the red river of the blood vessels. The internal environment for each cell will become quite green for living. You can feel that the body is full of power. It is said that master could (upside-down) sta ...
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Share Are you subhealthy
2020-3-16 07:17
Are you subhealthy Subhealth is a state between being healthy and ill. In other words about eighty-percent of people are not as strong as we think although they have nothing to do with medicine or medical service living as a ‘normal’ man in appearance. What is the bottom story behind the phenomenon? One of the reasons should be the imbalance of oxygen and carbon-oxide within the blood. Most of us are lack of the important food o ...
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Recent comments
  • Cookery is a must-be lesson 2020-5-20 15:46

    Very good.

  • When will Trump wake up 2020-4-20 16:24

    Your high remarking on the ‘strange’ leader (Trump)is a bit unreasonable that I think.  The man if without smart head on business would not have accumulated so much wealth but he is not as wise on politics as you said.
    I admire the Russian president who could persuade the rich to contribute their property to the country and make the ordinary citizens enjoy happy lives after the economic criss. So politics needs super ability on art.
    It is pity for Trump who has pushed the American people into deep water as the novel coronavirus-disease quickly spreading all over the country! He must wake up from 'drunk' as early as possible!

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