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Share Chinese senior intellectuals should do more lessons on language
SEARU 2019-1-19 11:48
Chinese senior intellectuals should do more lessons on language The culture development can not be achieved without powerful language! Our native language looks like a small warship while English acts as an aircraft-carrier if considering on vocabulary. Furthermore we are weak on writing method since our science textbooks go like a hard stone rather than a piece of cake for children! The quality of Chinese dictionary is far away to meet the international standard if compare ...
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Share Get more pleasure from class
SEARU 2019-1-15 15:23
Schooling should go as a pleasant process from which children will enjoy themselves and feel happy! Why do Chinese kids take it as heavy burden? -----------One cartoon picture warns us our children have to bend the back when they carry a big bag of books to school! Are the textbooks as advanced as foreign ones? Are the students trained to think in a logical way in class? Are they forced to do lessons like recorder to memorize too many historic facts or abstract formulas? If in harsh wo ...
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Share Tax is a judgement on the speed of the economy-engine
SEARU 2019-1-10 11:19
According to dictionary-saying economy is how the government collects and raise money and spend it on the public service for the normal running of the whole society! So constant judgement on tax is routine job for the ruling authority which certainly is a kind of technique on politics!
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Share Chinese ought to absorb more nutrition from English
SEARU 2019-1-8 09:52
I wish Chinese scholars should have more deep study on English and make a nice improvement on speaking style so that our ‘accent’ will be acceptable on the international stage!Our language experts can translate more traditional valuable works to foreigners in vivid way! Chinese scientist can better understand the foreign theories and retell the story to our kids like cartoon that the latter enjoy very much! If so Chinese language will grow stronger than present with more powerful ...
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Share Does Chinese language need self-revolution
SEARU 2018-12-27 10:07
Chinese people should take English as a bright mirror before which we can have a nice self examination on the advantage and disadvantage of our language and try to enlarge our vocabulary and improve the grammar if possible! Our self-confidence in culture comes from Chinese strong-will on self-revolution to anything!
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Share Expect bullet-train running in the schoolyard
SEARU 2018-12-24 21:56
Let books become a piece of cake, turn teaching into tour-guiding and make learning aspleasant traveling in the magic world! -----------That is an ideal bullet train running in the information era! I estimate that it would take us a few years to complete the great cause in the culture field if we ready to challenge ourselves on the old expressing habit!
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Share I wish Chinese postgraduates are fit for their title!
SEARU 2018-12-23 20:14
In Chinese we have the crown-like title ‘研究生’ for ‘’postgraduate‘ that means ‘researcher-student’ or ‘A man who is going to become a researcher on science or technology’. But in the reality many postgraduates are good at theory-exams without real practical ability for exploring job on projects due to the poor education process they have experienced! In fact I am in low mood for the ‘miserable‘ story of schooling in China! I have been working hard to find out the bottom re ...
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Share One tenth of dictionary makes you a language expert
SEARU 2018-12-15 20:24
To Chinese students, I would like make such a statement: If you want to fully understand English grammar,you had better take English-to-English dictionary as your language coach! This diligent teacher can help you at any time who can explain everything in plain words. I am sure tenth of her knowledge is enough for you to make a living on writing!
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Share Grammar represents your attitude to speaking or writing!
SEARU 2018-12-13 21:49
Grammar is also a kind of attitude to speaking or writing! Your wording accounts a lot on your attraction to the audiences. Some famous TV announcers do speak in special way who are quite different from ordinary citizens. That would become a joke if you imitate their speaking style in daily life! Many Chinese teachers often ask students to use more adjective words in composition class so that their articles would sound flowery but in fact mean little for thinking!Anoher phenomenon i ...
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Share A joke with dog
SEARU 2018-12-9 14:14
I Peel off an orange that has about ten parts inside which connect each other like garlic. I notice that one of parts is a bit rot with special color. Instead of throwing away the whole fruit as rubbish, I decide to feed it to the dog. I seperate one part from the ‘group’ and drop it to the ground for a test since the creature has no taste on apple! To my enjoyment the dog smells on it for a while and swallows it and looks up at me for more. Then I feed the animal with the special food ...
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