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Share Classroom is greenhouse
SEARU 2018-11-22 21:54
On writing style:Our texts go like Chinese mountain-river landscape paintings all of which look like twin-brothers while foreign articles seem as camera-photo even the digital one which always offer you a nice image about some physical object with clear elements! About working method: Chinese teachers are asked to do work strictly according to the requirement of the textbooks who seldom speak of their own understanding to the theory! Many colleagues copy some text on the blackboard with ...
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Share Plant more trees on the cliff!
SEARU 2018-11-17 10:53
The road of Mr. Liang's growth is worth further research for teachers! We Chinese teachers do teaching job strictly on the track of the rules those arranged by the administration authority who have little freedom on what and how to teach the kids! The billionair‘s success has taught us a good lesson: We teachers and students should pay enough attention to the reality and real life problem and train ourselves into a real man with self-dominated brain with strong will! Just as using ...
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Share Feeling-fire burns stone into gold!
SEARU 2018-11-13 09:49
It needs a long novel to note down how a slave has become a great general, or a small fish has grown up as a whale in the ocean! Begging everywhere let him have special feeling to food and housing which drove him have wonderful dream for adulthood!. That has been the motivation force for his business: flour-mill, steaming-buns for sale, towel-weaving, decoration and building industry. On any business, he is smart and greedy who always tries to make the profit as more as possible! F ...
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Share Is darkness better than brightness?
SEARU 2018-11-8 09:20
Your comments are funny in which some words contain much philosophy as well as science principles! Yes, light and darkness are twin brothers who coexist as enemy to each other! The sunlight is active that can jumps if in the air to occupy as much space as possible! It seems that the darkness is ready to welcome the change although which has to pay the price of self-shrinking in the world! Mostly we enjoy brightness, but sometime I prefer darkness since it can drive me to think a l ...
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Share Why is it dark under light?
SEARU 2018-11-5 23:07
Darkness is always opposite to brightness! It is hard for the young to fully understand this saying (灯下黑)since it has something to do with ancient life! -------------We all think it is always bright if under electric lamp, so where the darkness is under the light? But in the old days before electricity was invented by human, people burnt kerosene or even food-oil for lighting at night so under the lamp somewhere was really dark! When I was little such lamp looked like this:it shape ...
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Share Liang's early struggling on business
SEARU 2018-11-1 16:36
Begining from age 13, Liang tried to earn money by bare hands! He helped blacksmith striking red-hot iron with the heavy hammer! At first the master was not ready to accept the little boy as apprentice. Liang persuaded the teacher in this way:"I come here not for money but skill!’ One week later, Liang got the first salary for hard work! Three years later, Liang became a master on iron-striking whose salary was much higher than ordinary workers in the state-run factories! A ...
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Share What is real rich?
SEARU 2018-11-1 10:38
In China we have an old saying which goes like this: "When in poverty, you must try to change (the situation); Once you become wealthy, you ought to help the poor in the world! " In Liang's deep mind, the food in his bowl becomes tastier when shared with others! He often do good deeds for the society! When he was still a young boss on decoration business, he donated 1.5 million Yuan to pay the agriculture tax for the village. Ten years ago, he demolished the old shabby village an ...
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Share Advice from Mr. Liang
SEARU 2018-10-31 21:44
In his own words Mr. Liang often thinks about and does things in a ‘strange’ way that is different from ordinary people. He also has strong determination like a donkey once he has made a decision after careful consideration from all angles who will not stop in half way until he gets the target! For an example, in the Rose Garden project the four former master-bosses had been knocked down one after another by shortage of fund while Mr. Liang had invested 200 millions RMB holding 40% shares of t ...
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Share The 'simple‘ is better than the ‘complicated’!
SEARU 2018-10-19 10:57
The wonderful mental condition for second language-learning is that you should forget all about your native mother one and devote your attention into the ocean of the new one and try to make a living as a green swimmer in it for challenge! ----------It is waste of time if you care too much on word-to-word translation! For another example: The Special English program from the Voice of American always goes in an easy way which broadcoasting content is written in common words that is a pi ...
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Share Humor does like running water
SEARU 2018-9-19 13:30
Yesterday a few my former junior middle school classmates and I attended someone's wedding ceremony during the banquet we teased and joked each other for pleasure! After dinner we see Mr. Bian out. When he started the engine, I suddenly noticed that the trade-mark of his vest was ‘playboy’! I pointed to it and shout: "In America the word means ‘ bodgie ’ that is not fit for you!” The driver smiled with a light reply: "Bodgie? No age problem!" (流氓不分年龄!) ...
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