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Share How to do good business on memory?
2016-5-16 14:52
When I was very little, father told me a story about that talent boy who had had such a good memory that he could recite all the textbooks from the end to the beginning in the opposite direction------(not in the natural normal way)! From his tone I could judge my father worshipped the clever scholar very much!---------Really, strong memory ability plays an important role if you want to get scores in countless exams in China! Now, the problem is how to memorize knowledge in an effective wa ...
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Share Flashlight and air-pollution
2016-5-6 22:01
At night, you turn on a simple flashlight in the open air, you would see the bright beam is quite shining in the darkness. What is flying inside the beam?--------If you open your eyes widely, you could see tiny things are waving like snowing!---------It is the so-called PM2.5 (pollution matter).---------At first I could not believe my own eyes since I had never seen such small things before and always thought that the sky was as clean as blue sea or ocean! ----------The more I watched,the ...
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Share 2016-05-03
2016-5-3 23:14
This is the second toothache for me in the recent one month. I took some of the left medicines from the last time. At the sametime, I notice that fresh tap water is also workable!------Taking sip of cold running water into mouth and hold it around the bad tooth and then you would feel comfortable!----------Maybe the coldness of the ordinary liquid could diminish the sensitivity of your nerve cells, or the blood of the related area of the trouble place goes fast than normal that is quite good ag ...
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Share A composition written for that kid
2015-11-1 07:49
How much do you enjoy your lessons? Recently I have done a survey on how much my classmates like their study. The result is very interesting. Most students enjoy computer science since they think it could bring them much pleasure. Art and history interest many pupils because art is important for life and history is attractive to the young. Of course music lesson is a piece of cake and physical education lesson is the easiest subject but some student ...
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Share Could you be as smart as that girl?
2015-10-22 10:38
When the soldiers are Marching in line, their officer may shout to them “一 二一 (one two one)" that could encourage the military bravery. But what would happen in my schoolyard in the similar 'opera’?----------- Many naughty boys were standing against the wall of that classroom, a beautiful girl came up and was going to passing by before them. One of the male students shouted "yi-er-yi" to the girl,certainly the former wanted to make the latter become so shy that s ...
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Share How to lift heavy things?
2015-10-21 10:05
HOW to understand the Chinese idiom 举重若轻? In China , many middle-aged men often say that they are tired due to the heavy burden from work and family affairs. Sometime I also have such feeling since I have countless things to do every day! This reminds me an interesting Chinese idiom ‘ 举重若轻 ’ 举 -----lift or hold up; 重 --------heavy thing ; 若 -----‘like’ or ‘as if’; 轻 ...
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Share My wish for students‘ basic textbook
2015-9-13 14:10
As the basic textbook for schooling,dictionary should be the most powerful aircraft-carrier for the education-army that could be thought as the backbone of the national language! --------A well edited dictionary should not only tell kids how to spell and pronounce each single word, but also inform them more knowledge on many subjects and conduct them more wisdom on how to think through related model sentences for explaining! Here I wish our government would org ...
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  • How to carry schoolbag 2019-11-12 11:38

    KIyer: Searu, my friend, my earlier comment is questioning your assertion that carrying the school bag from the front is good. I think it is best to carry th ...
    Certainly all things are relatively right or wrong. How to carry an object is decided by yourself. I feel strange why Korean people joy taking heavy things on the head for transporting. I wonder if the head is painful with a stone on and the neck is strong enough to bear the load?
    I think my proposal is good to train kids to have a nice sense on correct pose of walking or sitting. A straight backbone means much to health and self-confidence.  That helps you set up a shining image before the public.

  • How to carry schoolbag 2019-11-11 09:27

    SEARU: Thanks for your powerful comment that is so professional and constructive! We need creative inventions in details of schooling. Yes, carrying schoolba ...
    Searu, my friend, my earlier comment is questioning your assertion that carrying the school bag from the front is good. I think it is best to carry the bag in the back as nature designed us. We just need to reduce the load. The same load on the front is worse than at the back of the body.

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