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Share The functions of extra food
2018-6-7 15:22
In fact it is hard to tell out the real story of the relationship between smoking and health on which topic there are countless essays exchanged in the world conference! 1000 kinds of chemicals from cigarettes would play different roles to each organ of your body! ------------The extra 'food'invades your mouth, lungs and stomach! God knows what sorts of the drugs are useful for health just as medicine! ----------------Chinese traditional medical science believes that any ...
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Share How to avoid the poison of the second-hand smoke?
2018-6-1 14:29
It is said the tobacco industry is the top business on profit-making which has contributed a lot of tax to the government! But soon the nation has to pay bill for the dear medical treatment to the smoker-patients which cost might be bigger than the income, letting alone the terrible torture to the patients' mental! To smokers and non-smokers, I have a good advice: Never let too much smoke get into the depth of your lungs! When smoke, take in fresh air first and little sm ...
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Share Chinese should do careful research on world schooling
2018-5-31 17:00
If China really wants to develop education, the government should pay enough attention to the difference between Chinese culture and the foreign ones! ------------Organize a special committee study the advantages of foreign civilization and try to ‘import' them for national usage! (I have said a lot through bloging.) The bottom reason may be that we Chinese are used to shouting slogans due to the bad influence from the Culture Revolution who haveless patience on detailed- ...
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Share How far is it from rough to fine?
2018-5-29 16:54
As you have a close look at the picture, you can notice that ancient Chinese really had a careful observation on every thing including mountain and waterfall, stone and tree, fish and birds, and so on, who express their impression about the physical world with simple drawings in dim outlook! This kind of writing style is the key to the invention of Chinese characters which have vivid body-language!-------------Fellow friends and me are proud of the traditional culture that is great contribution ...
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Share The language trouble is obstacle for our normal progress on science and technolo
2018-5-29 14:59
Yesterday on the conference of developing science and technology, President Xi made an inspiring speech that has driven me think a lot about the bottom reason why we are so poor on education! -----------------Any art, literature, science can not be go without language! A good active language environment is ideal to train students including ourselves! We read ancient novels or poems through which we can learn from ancestors on how to express self by all means instead or simply repeat ...
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Share She is talent on drawing
2018-5-28 23:17
Thanks for comment that is encouragement for my post! My sister-in-law had been a welding-worker before retirement. She is quite active and good at handling human relationships and for this she had acted as the director of the workshop who led dozens of workers! That day she sent me the white-black version of this mountain-river ink painting through we-chat, then I advised her not to dye it in colors! Just now she told me her professor is already 76 years old who praised her wor ...
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Share Chinese must improve speaking-writing style
2018-5-27 00:12
About ""Chinese are poor at language": This is not a welcomed conclusion that I have drawn from my long-time of study! ----------You can not understand my true meaning about this saying if without checking my related threads on education! a) The Chinese vocabulary is only one percent of that of English. How such a small 'army' compete with the foreign one? Our language is weak while English is more powerful since the latter has absorbed too many nations' cultures! It is lucky for th ...
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Share Chinese character has body-language as man
2018-5-26 23:16
Thanks for your feedback to my writing! -----------Each Chinese word does have obvious body-language just as man! -----------In China we often say the Tom's handwriting can tell a lot about his personality!(字如其人!)Through the characters you wrote, some professional calligraphers can make some judgement about your mood, health condition and other informations! I wish my article is helpful for your practice on calligraphy! (The above is my reply to other's comment。 For more plea ...
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Share Means determine results
2018-5-25 23:33
Chinese are poor at language so we are backward on education! The fist step for schooling reform should start with improvement of speaking-style or writing-method which should be as advanced as foreign one!-----------For two exampes: Our kids enjoy cartoon TV program but those culture products are hard for Japanese to accept! -----------The reason is that foreigners don't think our shows are as good as theirs the former are not helpful for the growth of intelligence!; The martial fight ...
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Share The second culture revolution on language
2018-5-25 22:15
In the Great University of the Society everyone (old and young) is students with colorful textbooks:TV Radio programs, cellphone games and so on. Workers and farmers could easily be trained through the modern media. -------------I wish our future speaking-language is as plain as English that is easy for all people from different levels to follow without any man-made obstacles!--------------Is this second culture revolution on language in Chairman Mao‘s words?
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  • How to deal with foreign textbooks in China 2020-1-21 17:25

    Chinese people can read many other things outside their textbooks, and textbooks are the books in a school many students do not read at all. Many stduents at the end of the term stillkeep good and clean textbooks in their dorm. They can be sent to rural boys and grils again.

  • How to deal with foreign textbooks in China 2020-1-9 16:14

    sulagu: I also do not think China should continue to use English text books.  Education to a nation is a matter of sovereignty.  To use foreign text book woul ...
    Thank you for the constructive comment. The note goes in simple words that is easy for kids to understand as a good text! I wish all articles in the textbooks are written this way by native writers. In fact those original foreign texts are not fit Chinese students due to the ‘strange’ contents which are far beyond students' comprehension. Kids enjoy the ‘domestic’ English articles which are closer to their own life. So that is ideal if Chinese educators produce powerful teaching materials those are a piece of cake for schooling.

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