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Share What is thief?
2018-6-13 12:29
Just now I read a news report about how hundreds of college students run after a thief and beat him to half death before the police arrived! The special Chinese character 贼(thief)is so interesting! 贝 is seashell which was the earlist ‘banknote' for humans in history; 戈 is ’sword or knife‘ that is weapon for fighting; the middle of 贼 is half of 大 (大 looks like your body with legs and arms strenching out!)-----------------The thief is stealing your treasures or money with knife i ...
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Share We had better go to bed early for a nice sleeping for health
2018-6-10 17:36
Yesterday I met with a boss-level chef who is troubled with heart disease! The reason is that he had sacrificed too much sleeping hours for years due to the busy cooking job who had to work till midnight!His heart is so tired that it can not beat normally!Just then I noticed that his lower lip was really a bit purple if compared with yours!
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Share Is Chinese language as colorful as English?
2018-6-10 06:53
I think English is the most colorful language in the world since it owns the powerful vocabulary with which you can describe any thing with a fine picture in detailed way with more image element points just as you could see on the computer screen! We Chinese should learn from western friends on writing style.---------Only in this way, Chinese could be as attractive as English!
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Share Study foreign culture from appearance to depth
2018-6-9 17:15
It is shallow if you learn from foreigners on appearance! ------------In 1970s, when watching the films Chinese admired the western ‘shining advertising lighting’! ------------That was what you can see in our county-level town at night! Fellow Chinese friends should pay much attention to the real advantages of foreign culture such as their smart thinking way and try to express ideas in simple words in daily life as well as in teaching and researching!
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Share The functions of extra food
2018-6-7 15:22
In fact it is hard to tell out the real story of the relationship between smoking and health on which topic there are countless essays exchanged in the world conference! 1000 kinds of chemicals from cigarettes would play different roles to each organ of your body! ------------The extra 'food'invades your mouth, lungs and stomach! God knows what sorts of the drugs are useful for health just as medicine! ----------------Chinese traditional medical science believes that any ...
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Share How to avoid the poison of the second-hand smoke?
2018-6-1 14:29
It is said the tobacco industry is the top business on profit-making which has contributed a lot of tax to the government! But soon the nation has to pay bill for the dear medical treatment to the smoker-patients which cost might be bigger than the income, letting alone the terrible torture to the patients' mental! To smokers and non-smokers, I have a good advice: Never let too much smoke get into the depth of your lungs! When smoke, take in fresh air first and little sm ...
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Share Chinese should do careful research on world schooling
2018-5-31 17:00
If China really wants to develop education, the government should pay enough attention to the difference between Chinese culture and the foreign ones! ------------Organize a special committee study the advantages of foreign civilization and try to ‘import' them for national usage! (I have said a lot through bloging.) The bottom reason may be that we Chinese are used to shouting slogans due to the bad influence from the Culture Revolution who haveless patience on detailed- ...
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Share How far is it from rough to fine?
2018-5-29 16:54
As you have a close look at the picture, you can notice that ancient Chinese really had a careful observation on every thing including mountain and waterfall, stone and tree, fish and birds, and so on, who express their impression about the physical world with simple drawings in dim outlook! This kind of writing style is the key to the invention of Chinese characters which have vivid body-language!-------------Fellow friends and me are proud of the traditional culture that is great contribution ...
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Share The language trouble is obstacle for our normal progress on science and technolo
2018-5-29 14:59
Yesterday on the conference of developing science and technology, President Xi made an inspiring speech that has driven me think a lot about the bottom reason why we are so poor on education! -----------------Any art, literature, science can not be go without language! A good active language environment is ideal to train students including ourselves! We read ancient novels or poems through which we can learn from ancestors on how to express self by all means instead or simply repeat ...
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Share She is talent on drawing
2018-5-28 23:17
Thanks for comment that is encouragement for my post! My sister-in-law had been a welding-worker before retirement. She is quite active and good at handling human relationships and for this she had acted as the director of the workshop who led dozens of workers! That day she sent me the white-black version of this mountain-river ink painting through we-chat, then I advised her not to dye it in colors! Just now she told me her professor is already 76 years old who praised her wor ...
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  • My private diary 2019-10-20 11:07

    To the editor:
    This article was my comment on other‘s thread. I post it for saving as diary (only visible to myself). I am looking forward to your approval. Thanks.

  • The milk from the mainland to Hongkong 2019-9-30 11:51

    "The Hongkong people have benifit from the ’milk’ from the motherland for so long!" How well are those tins of baby milk powder made on the mainland
    received in Hong Kong ?

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