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Share Why 希 means ‘wish’?
2018-7-2 21:36
Now I notice that the Chinese character 希(xi)has funny appearance! Its top looks is special form of ‘cross’ which shapes as ‘scissors’;Its lower part is Chinese word 布(bu)which means ‘cloth’. --------What is the relationship between scissors and cloth? Yes, if you cut a big sheet of cloth with scissors, you must have some strong 'wish‘ to turn the material into a beautiful dress! The above should be the real meaning of 希! (wish or hope) The more interesting thing ...
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Share You may drink any water found in the field!
2018-6-24 11:57
According to my observation, the over-all situation on environment-protection is good since we can feel that the air has become cleaner than before with less people wearing musk! Certainly there is a long way to go if we want the nature recover as fresh as that in 1970s when you could drink any water found in the field without any worry!
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Share Forum is not quarreling
2018-6-24 06:31
Yes, forum should mean ‘debating’ through that hot discussion all forumites and reader-friends would benifit from the logical-fighting on thinking! It is boring if there are too many unnecessary personal attacks among us those have little to do with the author‘s main topic! Maybe this is a common phenomenon in the blog-website! and for this reason the thread had been under verification three times and the latest re-check had lasted almost one day that worried me a lot! (The above is ...
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Share Lipstick may be poison!
2018-6-23 19:36
Yesterday in the classroom I saw a girl student who looked quite attractive since her lips were blood-red! To my surprise she has a basket of cosmetic products handy who cares too much about beauty instead of lessons! ---------I feel sorry for the poor girl since she does not know that there is poison in lipstick as well as other cosmetic chemicals some of which would get into the stomach as she has meal without totally cleaning up the unnatural thing!:o All humans are the most beautiful creatu ...
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Share Trees would naturally become straight!
2018-6-22 16:34
Your words remind me a story happened at least 45 years ago: Before the film was shown in the street of our village, the Secretary of the Party Branch made a speech through the ‘modern’ electric speaker. In which he criticized some naughty children who had damaged some crop-plants! He worried that the future generation would be out of control if parents were not strict with them! There is a local saying: Trees would naturally become straight when they grow up! Besides schooling education, ...
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Share Football match can show you what is the ideal society!
2018-6-20 15:33
Yes, any coach no matter native or abroad, he or she must do all means to let all members of the team work hard and cooperate with one another in a magic way! On the play-ground the people in the soccer match is an ideal society for human beings that is thereason why we always enjoy watching the competition in which everyone is necessary part of the group who would become hero at anytime if you catch up the chance when meet with!
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Share Let write smartly
2018-6-20 15:18
Thanks for your patience that you have interpreted your own comment into easy one! I think it is a writing-style problem that exists everywhere. Many Chinese science textbooks don't go in scientific way since the authors didn't tell story in a plain way! The Special English Program from the Voice of America written in simple language is powerful which is welcomed by many learners around the world. I believe that good writing method is helpful to do thinking work! We must act quickly in sma ...
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Share We should not be selfish on academy!
2018-6-17 21:40
In China we often say that one tree can not be called woods! In other words one good man needs three helpers for success while one fence must be supported with at least three poles! In football match or volleyball competition, all athletes work together for the same goal! Such friendship and atmosphere are rare to see in class when we deal with books or technology! In ancient China it was common for a master to teach his whole technique or skill to only one or few apprentices! --------- ...
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Share What is Hanjian?
2018-6-14 22:44
About “ what's Hanjian?” Hanjian(罕见) means ‘rare’ in Chinese!My major is physics with special hobby of English!I have kept writing in forum for more than four years through which I want to note down the lightning ideas about education reform that isgreat challenge for my language ability as well as energy. So this is miracle for Searu that is why you think I am ‘rare’ in the teacher-group! If ‘Hanjian’ is ‘traitor’ in your words,that ought ...
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Share What is thief?
2018-6-13 12:29
Just now I read a news report about how hundreds of college students run after a thief and beat him to half death before the police arrived! The special Chinese character 贼(thief)is so interesting! 贝 is seashell which was the earlist ‘banknote' for humans in history; 戈 is ’sword or knife‘ that is weapon for fighting; the middle of 贼 is half of 大 (大 looks like your body with legs and arms strenching out!)-----------------The thief is stealing your treasures or money with knife i ...
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  • The milk from the mainland to Hongkong 2019-9-30 11:51

    "The Hongkong people have benifit from the ’milk’ from the motherland for so long!" How well are those tins of baby milk powder made on the mainland
    received in Hong Kong ?

  • 寸 symbols ‘short’ or ‘small’ 2019-9-22 17:20

    it says about the length of shadow projected on the dial, and you intentionally leave it unsaid

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