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Share Recite dictionary
2018-7-12 10:54
About one blogger‘ saying:'SEARU recites dictionary every day!’: My reply is as the following: In fact I seldom 'learn' dictionary word by word through the boring reciting learning method! The truth is that I have been fascinated by English for decades for her music-likelogical thinking style which you can sense when you read through English dictionary on the Internet! Here I want to emphasize two adjective words: 'logical‘ and ‘pleasant’ for writing on the Chinada ...
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Share Real Chinese should drive education forward without any delay!
2018-7-9 16:49
"Some of our Chinese teachers "??? Are you real native chinese?Beyong my thought since I took you as an ‘evil’ foreigner who intends to resist the development of our education! Decades of teaching career has taught me a lot about the real problems those exist in the schoolyard! I have written many articles on textbooks, teaching organization and experiments,etc. ......... I have special feelings about the current book theories and understand how those factory t ...
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Share Quarreling is not worth one pence!
2018-7-8 20:10
Now let me tell you a story: That America President invited one folk ‘artist’ into the White House where the master offered the actor two-thousand dollars as reward for the performance that calling the leader names without any repeating for more than two hours! I think none of us can break the record! So let's cease fire on quarreling and shift energy on meaningful discussion if you like!
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Share Try to active every muscle and joint of your body for physical training!
2018-7-7 22:21
I had learned two sets of different Chinese martial art which go in strict way in university. But now I have forgot all of them. But I would like perform in a free style as I wish when on the playground. I think the principal of the traditional exercise is that we must relax and train every muscle and joint through musical movement of the body!
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Share Forum is great business on the mental!
2018-7-7 16:40
Chinadaily is nation-level media that is run by the government with the Forum-website going like folk newspaper where we forumites can do some exploring work on sensitive or important topic.I always try to post more threads on education which would be helpful for the development of our civilization! I appreciate those ‘comrades’ who can contribute constructive comments to my writings. Such discussions are meaningful which value can not measured by banknotes. Time can tell it is tr ...
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Share We need further deep analysis into the education!
2018-7-6 20:34
The college-entrance-examination has ended and people are talking more about scores their children have got and what kind of university they would choose! Just now I have read an article on Gaokao and made such a comment as the following: "This is only phenomenon in appearance! But what is the bottom reason why China is poor on education? We must have a detailed analysis on what is going on inside class and out of school and what differs from our foreign counterparts!We ...
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Share Drug is poison for everyone!
2018-7-6 16:39
Say No to drug forever! Drug is one of special kinds of chemicals that would badly hurt your nerve system and you will no longer live as a normal man once you take it in! I saw that man sitting over there who suddenly fell into sleep with tears coming out! It is said he often had bitter quarreling with mother even beat her for money! I feel painful for him since he is one of my remote relatives in law!
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Share Trump seems like silkworm!
2018-7-6 15:50
In 1988 or so, there was a special house in the school-yard where some sheets of silkworms were raised for teaching. My colleagues and I take care of the special creatures in turns day and night! This kind of small animal is as greedy as pig who always eat and eat day and night till one day it would refuse to take in anything and then begins to make silk-thread for warm quilt against the upcoming cold ‘Winter’!....... It seems that Mr. Trump is weaving closed quilt as silk-wo ...
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Share What is comfort?
2018-7-4 09:40
Really ‘comfortable’? No,that is not as pleasant as you think! There are many potential risks you have taken as you live such a man-made environment! Just have a look at your present working machine and see how much dust there is out and inside the modern 'electric box'! ---------You must regularly ask professionals to clean it up for health reason! THe following is a sad story about a man who enjoyed running after comfort!: About 100 years ago, the poor farmer was hired b ...
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Share Human is not fish!
2018-7-3 14:59
Have you heard of ‘water-prison’ in ancient times where criminals were punished by staying in water for long hours or days! I had one young colleague who always walked with the back bent as an old man! He suffered from a special disease: He used to swim in the pond for hours every day from early Summer to late Autumn when he was little. Human is not fish at last! The special living style bent his backbone more and more and no doctors could offer him a nice treatment! For this appearance, ...
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  • My private diary 2019-10-20 11:07

    To the editor:
    This article was my comment on other‘s thread. I post it for saving as diary (only visible to myself). I am looking forward to your approval. Thanks.

  • The milk from the mainland to Hongkong 2019-9-30 11:51

    "The Hongkong people have benifit from the ’milk’ from the motherland for so long!" How well are those tins of baby milk powder made on the mainland
    received in Hong Kong ?

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