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Share What is wrong with your room?
2015-3-18 17:11
The classroom is equipped with new computers and it is enjoyable to Internet our forum thanks to the fast speed of the advanced net-service-instrument. One hour has passed since I joined the class as a ‘old’ student, but I feel tired than normal!-----------WHY? YES, all Windows are tightly shut fixed with screws for the possible thief during the holidays, AND anyone of them couldnotbe opened for fresh air!There are thirty people in the narrow space who are l ...
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Share What is the unknown inside your birthday cake?
2015-3-17 11:32
Just now, I have seen a nice photo about one of my blogger-friends smiling happily with her birthday cake that was decorated with colorful flowers and patterns painted in milk-cream! But, Ithinkshe should not have been so pleased with it!------ Why??? Five years ago, my father-in-law celebrated his birthday and I bought a big 'professional' cake from that store where its owner showed me her excellent skill on cake-making. ------She took out a tube of milk-c ...
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Share Chinese science textbooks should be simplified!
2015-3-16 16:08
Just now, I have posted a new thread 'what are wrong with Chinese textbooks on nature science'.--------- Textbook is a kind of special mental product that also need us to improve its quality as we do to industrial machines! We Chinese should admit that most of the modern science theories were invented by foreigners, many textbooks were not translated well enough to respect the author's original thinking, therefore some of the books are hard for our kids to accept as a candy! ...
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Share How to properly communicate with friends of the opposite sex?
2015-3-11 11:14
In that kindergarten, the little children have little sense of sex and they could play freely with each other, no matter their counterpart is boy or girl. --------- we adults do admire their pure minds, and it seems that we have lost much of this kind of natural purity as we grow old. Anyone can not live without the society. It is said that we obtain much of our knowledge and wisdom through the communication with other people! --------The friends of the opposi ...
2362 views|17 comments Popularity 9
Share What I saw on the Lantern Festival
2015-3-6 21:56
I have spent most of my festival holidays on bloging. But I had to leave my PC for a visit to my old mother living in home-village with my elder brother. The following photos were what I saw along the way home: 1) Farmers were celebrating the festival with traditional dance in front of the gate of a factory beside the road: 2)dozens of strange huge stones stand beside both side of the roadnearby a village. H ...
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Share Cosmetic may be not good for your skin!
2015-2-27 15:41
Men often talk about cigarettes or drinking with each other when they sit togetherwhose habits damage their health through the inside lungs and stomach! Girls and women always pay great attention to clothing and cosmetics. And we often see many beauties painted in thick white color and their make-ups are so heavy that you could not see the real skin but the strong smell of chemicals may let you have to hold your breath from far away!-----(Maybe I am boas ...
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Share It is funny to name photos!
2015-2-25 07:47
I have taken dozens of photos in the recent two days. And I selected the better ones fromthe cellphone and uploadtheminto my blog album.------Most of them could be seen on the website of ourblog homepage. One of my blogger-friends was interested in the beautiful pictures and asked me: "what is your theme on them?" Yes, I have not made any remarks on these photos that look like a dragon drawn with eyes! Last night, Iexamine ...
1379 views|0 comments Popularity 5
Share My best message for the Spring Festival
2015-2-21 20:10
On the Eve of the new year, I received dozens of greeting messages from colleagues, relatives and other friends. However, I was so busy on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala that I had no time to reply each message in time with my old cellphone, since I was afraid that the typing of too many Chinese characters would cost me much time! So I had to find a short meaningful sentence for my message to pleasure my friends ! I thought it over and over. .... '拜年!' is the first message that ...
1187 views|0 comments Popularity 4
Share Three goats start this new Spring!
2015-2-20 20:32
-------(Three baby-goats have come to my village on the first day of this Chinese lunar new year! Just yesterday!) Just now, I have postedthe photos on goat that were shot exactly on the spring festival when a mother-goat gave birth to her first three babies! It was really a surprise and enjoyment totheir master when he heard the tender calling (shouting) from the first baby goat, sincetheir coming was half mont ...
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Share Is 狗 funny?
2015-2-17 07:10
In fact, there are at least two Chinese characters that mean 'dog'! 1) 犬(quan ) ------大 (da)means 'big', its shape symbols the body ofan adult person whose figure is ‘huge’! And what is it on his or her shoulder? A dog? Yes, we think about it in this way: Suppose that: You and your dog are walkinginthe Sun or in the moonlight, and what would you see on the ground? Yes, you could see your own shadow '大' plus a 'dot' which represents the pet dog on ...
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  • Forbidden tobacco production 2020-8-17 20:36

    Thanks to Mr. Ashikujama! Recently one of my relatives was sent to the hospital who was troubled by heart-attack. The doctor told me the bad living habit including smoking was the main cause of (for) the disease! It is too late for the patient to regret!

  • Some notes about my new ID card in the forum 2020-7-22 11:37

    I do enjoy the warm discussion atmosphere in the ‘old’ version of the Forum. Now the new blog-platform is lack of such advantage although our editors have paid much energy on it!  What a pity for all of us?

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