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Share How to deal with whelk on the face?
2015-5-16 23:30
Yesterday I met with a student who have many singles of whelk that he was squeezing while walking with his classmates!--------I warned him: “Don’t press them with your fingers ! ------or the illness would become worse and the skin of the face would be seriously hurt since scars would be left!” It seemed that the boy did not believe my words ! So I had to have more talk on the issue:------ 青春痘 ------“bean-like whelk with the yout ...
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Share Chinese scholar trees are going to blooming in May!
2015-4-27 21:28
Just in my neighborhood, there are many chinese scholar trees that are going to be blooming where bees would come up and fly around the flowers for honey!----------Now,this is the best time for harvest ofsuch sweet flowers for food! The right is the flowers from the chinese scholar tree that I have collected for food!; The left on the plate is the delicious food that my wife cooked for the family thatis really tasty! Please ...
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Share One bottle of vinegar for one month, please!
2015-4-19 23:41
Many years ago, I saw a news report on TV that introduced a 100-year-old woman whose recipe for health was that: “I like to take in some vinegar at meal, about one bottle of such acid liquid every month ! ” Her words left me deep impression ! ------ In the chemistry class, the teacher told us: “ Vinegar-acid has the similar molecule-structure as alcohol , both of them are good things for human drinking and f ...
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Share I enjoy acting as a fake doctor!
2015-4-12 20:10
One friend comment on my thread ‘HOW TO TAKE CARE THE stomach’: “I have enterogastritis and often fell uncomfortable ! ” I made the following note as my reply : ---------- “ 1) What is the cause of the trouble? You may have heavy workload and little rest for the stomach? Or do you have irregular eating habit? 2) IF some bacteria have invaded the belly, you had better take some west medicin ...
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Share The Chinese medicines are colorful in my eyes!
2015-4-9 23:11
West medicines are made of chemical things; Chinese Traditional herbs come from natural plants or animal parts. West medicines are effective for some emergent illnesses, such as heart attack or fever, but they might have negative effect on your health after the treatment !----for an example: the overdose of some west pills have made the young man mostly disabled who has to use crutches for walking! Sometime Chinese medicines pla ...
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Share Earth maybe not as dirty as you imagine!
2015-4-5 13:51
A few boys were swimming in the pond. One of them (Tom) climbed onto the bank with some mud in his hands. He used the ‘dirty’ thing to paint his naked body including the face and hair into a black ghost! --------I could see his teeth were obviously whitein smilingwith such a background! His strange behavior and appearance moved all people into tears! Then he shouted: “ I would not live any longer! ------I want to die!”-------- ...
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Share How to choose toys for your child?
2015-4-4 11:28
---------- The Jumping-house Game was(is) funny! As a little boy born fifty years ago in China, we did not have so many advanced modern toys. But boys and girls did enjoy themselves in a natural way with simple things. For an example : One small piece of wood could bring us great pleasure.--------- ...
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Share Is writing heavier than labor-work?
2015-3-28 22:12
There was a famous writer in our county whose novel ‘the legend of the big knife’ has been turned into a new movie shown on TV recently. Several months ago, I met with his third son who also is writer! We had a long conversation on writing. Isaid tohim: “When I was little, people were glad to listen to your father’s long novel on radio! ----I saw some farmers would carry a radio-set to the field so that they could enj ...
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Share Some notes about my new ID card in the forum
2015-3-25 11:29
A few of my friends think (inmessage to me)that my new avatar is'lovely' and I am satisfied with the feedback! The shape the pattern is special that looks like many kinds of things as the following: 1) A great heart: we bloggers should do writing with heart and freely speak out your mind.----- ( I use the white background to represent our pure thought!) 2)A smiling face: -----maybe itcould also be thought as  ...
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  • Forbidden tobacco production 2020-8-17 20:36

    Thanks to Mr. Ashikujama! Recently one of my relatives was sent to the hospital who was troubled by heart-attack. The doctor told me the bad living habit including smoking was the main cause of (for) the disease! It is too late for the patient to regret!

  • Some notes about my new ID card in the forum 2020-7-22 11:37

    I do enjoy the warm discussion atmosphere in the ‘old’ version of the Forum. Now the new blog-platform is lack of such advantage although our editors have paid much energy on it!  What a pity for all of us?

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