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Share Farmers are richer than workers in China
2015-2-16 16:00
During the Culture Revolution period, workers are admirable due to their handsome images in the public eyes: They were dressed in neat clothes; Having a shining watch onthe wrist; Riding a new bicycle with the brand of flying pigeon or Phoenix!-------The poor farmersworshiped them as fairies who were happier than the mortals! But, here in China, the situation has made a top-to-bottom great change that is enough to surprise everyone, including me, althou ...
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Share Education and happiness
2015-2-16 08:57
Whether and how much you feel happy are determined by your own nature and character, that have little things to do with your education.------why? Education could only show how much you have dealt with schooling. Deeper education means you have more book-knowledge but not those practical skills. The later is more useful for you to make a living after graduation . A great wealth may be the alternative expression for happiness to most mortals; But for us Bloggers, colorful mindset ...
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Share Surfing in my imagination
2015-2-15 11:53
Surfing? --------I am a duck in the field where green crops grow and I am not familiar with that game in the sea! But through some pictures on TV, I do enjoy the surfing scene where are full of excitement and challenges! Your hands hold a long rope that pulls you forward: The soft water could become hard ground on which you firmly stand with smiling and confidence; Occasionally you may take off the surface of the water just as a plane since you want to fly as a bird!; Then y ...
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Share Some English words are hieroglyphics
2015-2-8 16:25
As a Chinese teacher, I enjoy 说文嚼字 ------talking about articles in details and chewing each of the strange characters with great interest! The ‘eye’ can speak! The word ‘eye’ looks like a Chinese character which shap ...
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Share What is wrong with the Forum
2015-1-19 21:41
Dear Blogger-friends and reader-friends: Recently I have noticed one problem that exists in our blog-website: There are less or more errors in spelling or grammar in some of our articles! This phenomenon has puzzled me for a few days. ------- First, I told the editors: “Too many typos are terrible for readers, specially for some Chinese students who usually take our blogs as texts to learn!; If ...
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Share Let’s do physical exercise every day
2015-1-10 15:58
Let’s do physical exercise every day
(1) Sweet childhood In the depth of my memory-parcel, there was such a short movie:------The child took half a corn-bun as his mid-morning snack in the street. That old man smiled to the kid in sati ...
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Share Is it right to rewrite the Xinhua-students‘ dictionary?
2015-1-4 19:58
When I was very little, my father told me, "Dictionaryis the best teacher for your study who can tell you anything while any human teacher could not!" Father offered me an old dictionary that he used when he was in school. That book was so shabby that each of its pages had turned brown and black,---------- In the Qing-dynasty,the Emperor Kang-xi organized a group of scholars to write the dictionary, that has become a national treasure in Chinese history! When I was ...
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Share Where is the folk voice of China
2014-12-27 15:29
Where is the folk voice of China --------my free speech for 2014 From 1987 to 1992, I had spent much time and energy on listening toshort-wave English broadcasting, thatcame from the North Korea, the South Korea, Japan Tokyo, Washington, and Radio Beijing! The North Korea ...
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Share Let’s do breathing exercise
2014-12-12 23:13
I am in middle age and I have too many things to do for my routine work and family. Sometime I feel very tired both physically and mentally, so I need a good kind of relaxation. Lying in bed, I try to think nothing and do my breathing exercise: 1) Slowly blow out the inside air with strength till all of the lung become empty; 2) Hold your breath ...
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Share The insect is equal to a cow
2014-11-23 16:53
The insect is equal to a cow ! ??? ( Note: This blog has nothing to do with my occupation ; I post it not only for a fun but also for economy study. ) &nbs ...
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  • Forbidden tobacco production 2020-8-17 20:36

    Thanks to Mr. Ashikujama! Recently one of my relatives was sent to the hospital who was troubled by heart-attack. The doctor told me the bad living habit including smoking was the main cause of (for) the disease! It is too late for the patient to regret!

  • Some notes about my new ID card in the forum 2020-7-22 11:37

    I do enjoy the warm discussion atmosphere in the ‘old’ version of the Forum. Now the new blog-platform is lack of such advantage although our editors have paid much energy on it!  What a pity for all of us?

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