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Share How to modernize Chinese education?
SEARU 2018-8-16 19:22
Your reply is meaningful! I think we are wrong with what and how kids are taught! Our textbooks don't go in a logical way and teachers‘ work is dominated by officials like soldiers must obey leader‘s order! We must let children become powerful on thinking instead of memorizing so-called knowledge! Science theory and formulas can be taught in an interesting way with more tests in plain words. Language class does not always mean to repeat famous sayings including ancient poems! I am af ...
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Share One piece of rubbish glass!
SEARU 2018-7-24 18:47
As a naughty boy, I often swam in the pond. Once a time, when I climbed up to the bank, I slipped down and the left knee was cut by a piece of brokenglass hidden in the ground with the leg bleeding!------------I hated the man who had littered the knife-like sharp rubbish here!
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Share Advanced teaching would produce more talents!
SEARU 2018-7-21 20:54
I always think something is wrong with what and how we teach children! From single word to simple text then to deep theory, our teaching does not go in a scientific logical way if compared with what is going on aboard! Our lecture should encourage kids to think in a natural way with more pleasure leading them to do exploring work by themselves in class and out of school! Teach maths with more shapes; learn physics and chemistry and biology with more practical tests; Let students a ...
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Share Icecream was not enjoyable!
SEARU 2018-7-21 18:55
Cold food against high air-temperature? About twenty years ago, we were busy on wheat-harvesting when brother bought some pieces of icecream. As soon as I had a bite of this kind of cold ice, I got a terrible toothache that drove me to tears and had to see dentist next day! Sudden temperature change is not good for the body inside organs to run on the normal way that is harmful to health!
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Share Fighting against pollution is as important as gold production!
SEARU 2018-7-15 12:00
At at least ten years ago, people were debating on if we were in the European mode that was 'First to develop economy and then crack down pollution! ’’Now I have to admit that pollution is permanent topic as we go ahead and live on. The problem should be that how we deal with it in a reasonable and scientific way which is as important as gold production i n some sense!
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Share Persuade people to produce rubbish as less as possible!
SEARU 2018-7-14 22:10
China has paid high price for the heavy pollution from the rapid development of industry. In the village the government officials have arranged dozens of dust-tanks here and there along the street. But to my surprise they are full of weeds or toilet paper!I remember that many years ago farmers used weeds to make natural fertilizer for crops which process can turn taste into treasure; You may directly burn the toilet-paper which remaining ash is also fertilizer instead rubbish! Broth ...
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Share From 'official‘ to teacher
SEARU 2018-7-14 14:58
The sharp of 官 (guan)is interesting which means ‘official’ in Chinese: Its top looks like the roof of a house; 口 shapes as ‘mouth’; the whole character 官 tells us ‘There are two people under the same roof of the Imperial Court who do not have independent ‘mouth'! ------------In other words the officials alway share some same things when they make a speech! ’’ In movies we often see that the imperia ...
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Share Do perfect explaining to kids!
SEARU 2018-7-14 10:37
Really, kids are smart on thinking which process may go in logical way or by the sixth sense of the body whose words are funny, humorous, pure but sometime might-be full of philosophy! Children act as fish in water who swims everywhere as they wish just as their free-style of thinking going on deeply in the brain! Parents are natural teachers to help kids to develop such thinking ability, by offering them more explaining about the physical world. But the people in the east and wes ...
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Share Develop innovation ability
SEARU 2018-7-13 17:21
As Chinese want to achieve more on innovation, education reforming on teaching materials and methods is hot topic in the Forum! How to help kids get strong thinking ability is more important than to force them to repeat others' words like tape-recorder! Let teachers do theory lessons with more practical tests is the key to develop children's innovation talent! (The above my comment to other's thread on innovation.)
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Share We should always respect others!
SEARU 2018-7-13 11:33
Music and humor are welcomed by everyone in world. But you can not produce master piece on art if without real life experience plus deep thinking as spirit-brewing process from the raw material! Nice humor sense comes from long time of pain!When you laugh at Tom, you might have noticed that he is worth your enough respect! (The above comes from
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