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Share A joke with dog
SEARU 2018-12-9 14:14
I Peel off an orange that has about ten parts inside which connect each other like garlic. I notice that one of parts is a bit rot with special color. Instead of throwing away the whole fruit as rubbish, I decide to feed it to the dog. I seperate one part from the ‘group’ and drop it to the ground for a test since the creature has no taste on apple! To my enjoyment the dog smells on it for a while and swallows it and looks up at me for more. Then I feed the animal with the special food ...
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Share Start teaching and learning reform
SEARU 2018-12-6 20:28
As a teacher, I consider more about schooling business. Really it is hard to do some operation on the education machine-system due to the complicated situation! I think the authority should update new concept of management on teaching job and evaluate students' performance in more scientific way! Teachers are encouraged to learn from foreign counterparts who have advanced teaching concept and methods with effective working style; Children are allowed to do exploring work according to their own i ...
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Share Comfort the stomach with your own hand
SEARU 2018-12-1 10:41
Yes, your suggestion is good idea behind which there are too many interesting stories for reader friends! My second uncle-in-law suffered form bad stomach-ache when he was in middle age. Sometime it was so painful that he rolled in bed with tears in the eyes due to poor economic condition. In that era most people eat the peel of cotton-seed as food which was hard for digestion! Let alone medical treatment for his illness! -------------He had to rub the stomach after meal that has formed a habi ...
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Share Good book should show nice writing style to children
SEARU 2018-11-30 09:51
In China the native-language teaching course goes in a strange way: Little children are asked to learn famous writers' classic works which are hard to understand even after several times of reading of them. The teacher have to introduce the background when the author decided to note down something as this article. It might be a joke to foreign friends that Chinese scholars might offer you different versions of explaining to the some ancient poem!(Here SEA ...
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Share Other subjects should be taught in English class
SEARU 2018-11-29 10:35
Language is used to serve for what you need. And only in this way children can learn it in a smart way as if they are the real expert on learning. It seems our unfit content in the current textbooks has peeled off their natural talent. Every day they learn maths, nature science and native language. Let‘s have a test: Try to teach something from these subjects in the English class!C ...
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Share Future book should go like dictionary
SEARU 2018-11-28 15:47
Many of my colleagues admire my English who often ask me how to learn English well. To tell the truth I have benefited too much from dictionary!When I meet with a strang word, it is my habit to look it up in the dictionary that great ‘teacher’is ready to show you many example sentences with simple definite explaining of the real meaning! Specially it is quite helpful if ...
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Share Writing can help you have a good thinking
SEARU 2018-11-27 15:16
In real life we may meet with many problems which need us to think over and over! It seems that we are always working the brain and try to find some way out. But in fact we are doing nothing since the head often works in low efficiency just a bird doing all means to escape from the cage!----------Too many repeating actions have wasted us too much time! That is why I prefer writing down what I am thinking about and do logical thinking on white paper with black ink leaving the trace of my ...
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Share Train kids more powerful than computer on thinking!
SEARU 2018-11-27 09:43
What and how is taught to our students is permanent topic for teachers as well as the education authority. What is the progress we have made in the past decades? When I was in the university, most of my lessons were carried out from formula to formula with little experiments. I felt so empty as if I had learned nothing in the once-dreamed campus when graduation drew near! For exams students compete with each other on memory, but whose brain is more powerful than computer-machine on memor ...
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Share Do our brains work in different ways?
SEARU 2018-11-24 21:02
I can not help laughing for your instant reply! As you know each Chinese character has vivid body language which shape shows its meaning if you have powerful imagination on pictures! So some fellow men believe that we Chinese are good at space-thinking and it is our habit that one short film would be finished after reading! In other words, Chinese people think from image to picture while foreigners do thinking like singing music!
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