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Share The 'simple‘ is better than the ‘complicated’!
SEARU 2018-10-19 10:57
The wonderful mental condition for second language-learning is that you should forget all about your native mother one and devote your attention into the ocean of the new one and try to make a living as a green swimmer in it for challenge! ----------It is waste of time if you care too much on word-to-word translation! For another example: The Special English program from the Voice of American always goes in an easy way which broadcoasting content is written in common words that is a pi ...
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Share Humor does like running water
SEARU 2018-9-19 13:30
Yesterday a few my former junior middle school classmates and I attended someone's wedding ceremony during the banquet we teased and joked each other for pleasure! After dinner we see Mr. Bian out. When he started the engine, I suddenly noticed that the trade-mark of his vest was ‘playboy’! I pointed to it and shout: "In America the word means ‘ bodgie ’ that is not fit for you!” The driver smiled with a light reply: "Bodgie? No age problem!" (流氓不分年龄!) ...
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Share Let‘s cook for ourselves when possible!
SEARU 2018-9-18 21:17
So delighted to see you here! But I have some wonder or worry about your habit! I always think industrial food products are only fit for occasional usage such as when you are hungry far away from home rather than for daily life as meals! The reason is simple: These goods are lack of vitamins and contain too much chemicals for special tastes or long-time storage! One businessman told such a story:"I used to have one package of milk at breakfast. Once a time I forgot half bottle of that well-known ...
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Share Do you wash rice before cooking?
SEARU 2018-9-18 09:11
About "washing up rice": According to some saying on radio, some nutrition on the surface of grainswould be washed away as you clean them up with water, specially when you do to Chinese yellow-tiny-rice with which there is vitamin B12 that is important to health! However I always believe that it is unacceptable if the raw material from the shop is directly put into the pot. Once-washing is enough for hygiene security and second one is unnecessary and may become waste of money! ...
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Share Are you a nice porter on language?
SEARU 2018-9-17 16:00
Yes, good education background does not mean a nice salary for job! But your words have little to do with what I concern! ----------I wonder what makes foreign education more advanced than Chinese one that is worth learning? ! Most science principles were discovered by foreigners and their books can be easily understood by English-speaking readers. But those ‘sweet cakes’ have become quite hard for our students when translated into Chinese language! -----------This phenomenon goes like w ...
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Share Chinese teachers should work as engineers
SEARU 2018-9-15 15:17
Your wonder drives me think a lot about the complicated education business! In agriculture and industry fileds, China has learned a lot on management mood and technology in the past decades where great changes have taken place! At the same time more new schools have been built which look quite beautiful! But as a teacher I can not be confident enough to say our ‘schooling softwares' are powerful enough to fit the modern era! For an example: about half of junior middle school students w ...
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Share Culture lives everywhere!
SEARU 2018-9-5 15:25
Culture only exists in museum? No! The reason is simpl: If you have closed observation on the surrounding, you would notice that there are many folk traditions those are good enough for us to preserve! Tradition should be nice living habit and ability that contains too much human wisdom! For examples: Furniture manufacture:Old table and chairs were so fine that those looked graceful and could be used for generations! While the modern ones made by machines must be changed for several ti ...
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Share To learn in a funny way!
SEARU 2018-9-5 12:22
My main idea through this post is that we teachers must improve working method to release children from heavy reading and writing burden and let them get trained in a smart way! At present most Chinese students spend hours on listening to lectures in class and out of school they have little time on their real enjoyment. Kids are tired of hearing, reading and writing which means failure of education! :L We should encourage children to tell the book-story in their own words ...
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Share Is Chinese education a hard cake in world?
SEARU 2018-9-5 10:54
But my last reply to your comment is shallow since that did not hit the target I had set for the post!:P Half of students are near-sighted all over the country that is unacceptable! The bottom reason indicates that something must be wrong with our education management from teaching materials to learning method as well as how evaluate the students' performance! Why do teachers always force kids to fix eyes on paper who seldom do real independent thinking through enough practice with their hand ...
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Share Let's have good relaxation for a while!
SEARU 2018-9-3 10:45
God knows where your soul is as the body does exist!:P One saying going like this:"Chinese are more serious in daily life as well as dealing with business who act as those soldiers getting ready for fighting! On the other hand, foreign friends are more relaxed with their good humor sense!”:D As life would become a joke-like drama, why should I tire myself so bitterly?:lol
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