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Forbidden tobacco production

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According to a research report, there are about one thousand sorts of chemicals rising from the burning tobacco. The relationship between smoking and health is so complicated that about the topic scientists still  ‘quarrel’ on the world conference every year through their essays. No one can deny that some of the substances from cigarettes may be used as food or medicines. But who can seperate these useful elements from the smoking-gas? That will need advanced equipmets and engineers to run the machines. It may be achieved in the future. 
In general most things you get through smoking are drugs and poison, at least they are pollution-chemicals to the river of your blood vessels. Every cell like fish has to bear the terrible internal environment inside under the skin day and night! 
Now,the urgent problem is that as the following:
When Tom blows smoke out of the nose and mouth, I wonder if there are novel coronaviruses along with the tiny particles in it(smoke)?  
In the epidemic period, no one dare approach any heavy smoker!  In other words, smoking has posed sever threat to the public hygiene that makes all of us feel more nervous than before! 
It seems that the chance to totally cancel cigarettes production has come! But when will the Chinese government make up the mind to shut down those profitable factories?  
Just wait! 

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